Dear 343i - Screw ADS, here are five things Halo 5 really needs

Dealspwn's Matt Gardner presents 343i with a list of five things he'd rather see in Halo 5 than ADS.

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aviator1891535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

It doesn't have ADS.
It's confirmed be just a cosmetic change. Works just like old-school Halo scope.
But I agree with firefight needing to come back. That and space combats. Reach nearly perfected what a Halo spacefight should be like and I hope something like that makes it into Halo 5.

Blues Cowboy1535d ago

Yeah, I think the so-called 'ADS' is just a way of making aiming feel more physical - Halo 4 made lots of actions such as pressing buttons etc feel more immersive.

To be honest, though, I hope they don't focus too heavily on small-arena Esports over big team battles and other vehicular shenanigans I've enjoyed *since* Halo 2. That and the rumour that Locke is the main character for most of the game is... interesting. Will reserve judgement until those Halofest details emerge later.

aviator1891535d ago

I agree.
I like playing arena from time-to-time, but I spend the majority of my time in btb. Hopefully, they bring back a ton of vehicles (including the elephant) along with increased map size and player count.

FuzzyPixels1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

So many hours spent playing BTB on Exile in Halo 4 :D

EvilWay1535d ago

Only needs two things. Classic Halo 2/3 style combat with updated mechanics and great map design