Tales of Hearts R | Whimsy Busting From The Seams

Tales of Hearts R, the first Western Vita release, is a true-to-form entry in the Tales saga and wears its cutesy, crazy, awkward, and vibrant characters, setting, and story with pride.

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TheZeroReview1535d ago

While I feel like the Vita is pretty inundated with JRPGs, Tales is a unique and fun entry to the catalog.

3-4-51535d ago

How is this compared to Abyss ?

TheZeroReview1534d ago

More of the same, cooler battle mechanics though

Rawrwrwr1535d ago

I like this one too but I really want P5 for the Vita

TheLastGuardian1535d ago

I'm gonna be the only person at my Gamestop getting this instead of Assassin's Creed at the midnight release.

TheZeroReview1535d ago

I think the only shame is that they're not including Infinite Evolve in the Western release. It looked really fun...

Spotie1535d ago

Damn. Even if I pick it up, I can't play it cuz my girlfriend has my Vita. She's using it for remote play on the PS4 while her parents use the TV.