Video Game Moments When You Feel Like A Badass

Video game difficulty is a tricky thing. Make your game too tough, and players likely won’t have the patience to see the story past the second level. Alternatively, if your game is too easy, players will complain that there’s no challenge, and that they can’t believe they paid ‘good money’ for ‘this hand-holding bullshit’.

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hammad4121530d ago

God of war 3 deserves the ist spot (y)

breakpad1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

i disagree highly ..seeing a character behead innocent (maybe benevolent) characters for no reason at all (just to be cool to 15 teen years old) ..reminds me recent religious fanatics

I_am_Batman1530d ago

Are you working at Fox News?

breakpad1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

@ I_am_Batman haha no i m not ..but Kratos is ridiculous character ..IMO badass moment is went you manage to slay a boss monster in MOnHUn or when you make a NO-KILL playthrough in MGS and NOT when you simple pressing O and kill for no obvious reason any man alive ( Gow is so uninspired beyond limit you just kill innocent civilians for health ..idiot developers are idiots

BiggerBoss1529d ago

Do you even god of war breh? Lol.

Almost every moment of GOW 3 made me feel like a badass and not once did i feel bad for killing the Olympians pixels

opoikl1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

He's talking as if the there's no build-up to the QTE with Helios.

To me the entire demo for the game which came with the first GOW collection had such perfect pacing, you could play it over and over again without losing the feeling of being a badass. Best demo since MGS1.


Also, beating the crap out of Zeus and being able to keep bashing for as long as your rage against the character lasted was also quite empowering!

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raWfodog1529d ago

I'm obviously a fan of Kratos so I would have to agree :)

Other games that made me feel powerful were the inFamous and Prototype games. And lets not forget the Batman Arkham series...

sparrowknight1530d ago

every GOD OF WaR is a badass, more than a pro

NukaCola1530d ago

Loved the end of Heavenly Sword when you are ripping waves of baddies all over the place. Like a beast!

IIFloodyII1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

The Airport in Max Payne 3. Felt so much like a baddass I kept charging in and getting slaughtered.

sparrowknight1530d ago

yeah,,, rite.. this one is also feels like a badass

Inception1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Some of my personal bad ass moment:

- killed Flamelurker / Maneater / Dragon God in Demon's Souls
- beating punks by banging their faces to the wall or stomping their head in Yakuza
- killed Doppelganger in Ninja Gaiden
- killed Nobunaga Oda in Onimusha 3
- defeat Liquid Snake on the top of MG Rex in MGS 1
- defeat Ocelot on the top of Outer Heaven in MGS 4
- defeat the last boss in YS 7 (one of the most f*kin difficult final boss i ever face)