Kite & Lightning: 'We've definitely considered Project Morpheus'

VRFocus - Of the small collection of virtual reality (VR) experiences released by Kite & Lightning thus far, none have stretched beyond the head-mounted displays (HMDs) offered by Oculus VR themselves. That could potentially change in the future however, as studio co-founder Ikrima Elhassan has stated to VRFocus that Kite & Lightning remain ‘device agnostic’.

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PurpatraitorMGS1534d ago

Hopefully, Project Morpheus won't die as soon as Playstation Move did.

WeAreLegion1534d ago

I seriously doubt it. There are more titles in production for Morpheus than all the Move titles ever released.

WeAreLegion1534d ago

Good! The more the merrier! I'll be getting both major VR devices, but I'd love to see as many titles as possible on both.