Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review – A Victorious War I The Koalition

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes:
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is without a doubt the best COD game ever created. However, making such a bold statement of this magnitude doesn’t come without further explanation on my part. So without further ado, here is a detailed overview of my thoughts on the action-packed FPS and why it’s definitely worthy of both your time and money.

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rbailey1529d ago

Thoroughly enjoyed the campaign and am having a blast with the multiplayer. Definitely one game that surprised me this year.

Canipa1529d ago

Wow, that's great! Looks like the series is making a comeback!

Profexxion1529d ago

So glad this one actually advanced the formula for CoD. I haven't played heavily since Modern Warfare 2 and this one is a blast.

garrettglass1529d ago

So if I haven't played the last few CODs (since MW3), and I actually play them for the single player campaigns, should I go back and play the others, or can I start here?

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