Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philosophies, Not "Boring" Alternatives

"There are few plaudits that haven't been directed at Shigeru Miyamoto, the key development figurehead at Nintendo throughout its history in the video game industry. From providing a breakthrough hit with the original Donkey Kong arcade to overseeing and directing multiple projects as an executive, his imprint defines Nintendo gaming culture. For those fearful of his eventual retirement, meanwhile, there are promising sings that Miyamoto-san and his colleagues have begun to foster a succession of talented young developers that are currently producing excellent, exciting titles on Wii U and 3DS."

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ritsuka6661531d ago

''What the other companies are doing makes business sense. But it’s boring. The same games appear on every system.''

Good thinking Miyamoto san. All the luck to you buddy.

MaxwellBuddha1531d ago

Nintendo have always put gameplay before graphics, and you can thank Miyamoto-san for that.

pcz1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

the problem is that nintendo are trying to reinvent the wheel.

what at first seems like an innovation quickly becomes a novelty and eventually a gimmick. and they end up going back to the tried and tested methods of gaming.

i mean, look at the wii, everyone loved the wii when it first came out because it was offering something 'new', but eventually people started complaining about the 'waggle' and just wanted the old controller method back.

yes its good to be inventive and always think about making a new type of game, but the problem is nintendo are forcing these gimmicks as a selling point for the entire console, and then forcing all these games out to cater towards the gimmick they have created.

it was better back in the old skool when they would develop gimmicks as peripherals for a certain title. say for example, starfox 64 had the rumble pack. as we all know now force feedback is a standard in gaming, but back then it was something new and exciting. nintendo didnt base every single game around this one concept of a rumbling controller.

the game came first and the rumbling controller was just an interesting feature. it now seems they do it backward, making in interesting feature then try to build a game around it. its wrong! the game should come first.

i cant see the fixation on making everything a dual screen experience.

darthv721531d ago

you seem to have it a little...twisted. using your metaphor the "wheel" would be gameplay. they are not trying to reinvent that as it is the cornerstone of every nintendo game.

Now without reinventing the wheel (as it is pretty much a standard) they have been changing the tires more often and trying different treads for different environments. some work better than others but they do fall back on the all terrain/all weather type when they see that 'others' are not as convinced in the tread that nintendo leads with.

okay, getting out of the tire analogy and laying it out like this. nintendo does things different, their own way and have a good success rate with making their ideas actually work for the games they create. 3rd parties...not so much. This is where the argument of 3rd parties dont like working with nintendo comes from.

nintendo is willing to share their ideas but they certainly do not force the ideas on others. it is at the developers discretion to use it or not. Most 3rd parties dont have the kind of R&D like nintendo and most 3rd parties are not making exclusive games specific for nintendo so the use of the 'gimmicks' does not really apply if the game is also being developed for the sony & MS systems.

This is why nintendo developed games seem to retain their value even after a platform has retired. Its because the way nintendo uses their systems abilities And works really well.

3-4-51531d ago

I love that Nintendo does their own thing. I don't want them to be other companies.

MNGamer-N1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I love my PS4, but I equally love my WiiU, and am thankful that there is another company that continually brings something different and unique video gaming that spices things up and keeps it interesting.

shaw981531d ago

Miyamoto is the Master of gaming. You never question the guy. You just dont. When he says to do something for a game, you better take the advice.

Concertoine1531d ago

Like when he changed Dinosaur Planet to a starfox game?
Or he made Paper Mario Sticker Star an utter bore of an rpg to make it more in line with the platformers?
Or Wii Music?

The man's a genius, love him, but he makes mistakes just like anyone else.

wonderfulmonkeyman1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

True enough.
Man's not a mind-reader, but it still bears mentioning that even though they aren't success stories, they ARE still different from the usual.

That's what Miyamoto is all about; experimenting and pushing new things, even if it's just new level concepts in the latest 2D Mario.

People might hate Nintendo for not being just like Microsoft and Sony because Nintendo's systems don't offer all the same extra features as theirs, but...
Nintendo's games are a welcome breath of differentiation in a generation obsessed with sports and shooters and how many trophies they've earned.
It's a good thing that Nintendo's games don't follow the crowd, because that makes Nintendo an alternative for those that seek one, instead of just another clone of a company that chases what's popular/what sells best to the sheeple.

truechainz1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Dang I guess I really am the only person who enjoyed that starfox adventures game...

Concertoine1531d ago


Not that it was bad, it just shouldnt have been a star fox game, period.

shaw981531d ago

No good sir, the idea of Star fox adventure is by no means bead. If anything, it would have been the same quality with or without fox. The only reason why people were butt hurt about star fox adventures was because it was not a normal starfox game. Either way you were not going to get the star fox game you wanted if they did or did not add fox.

Sticker star was not bad. Just not near the quality of the past games.

Wii music? I can't defend that. Though if that is the only dirt you can rub on the guy then his credibility is still the highest in the industry. Follow the advice of the guy that has made a million good choices and only a few mistakes? Sounds good to me.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1531d ago

even if he didn't those game would still suck. I am glad he did. Krystal wouldn't had existed for Fox.

deafdani1531d ago

He may make mistakes, but I loved Star Fox Adventures. I don't care if that game originally wasn't a Star Fox game, the end product was an amazing game and one that's now officially accepted as part of the Star Fox lore.

It's quite interesting how so many people and websites seem to condemn that game in retrospect, when back in the day, it was the bee's knees and received rave reviews everywhere.

Same goes for Super Mario Bros 2, which remains my favorite classic Mario 2D platformer, no matter what.

As for Paper Mario Sticker Star, I haven't played it, but it could be argued that the change to the gameplay to make it more platforme-y came with Super Paper Mario on the Wii, several years ago. I quite liked that game a lot, but to be fair, that's the only Paper Mario I've ever played, so maybe I liked it because I didn't have any defined expectations for that game, gameplay-wise.

And Wii Music... well, everyone loves to hate it. I haven't played it. To me, it looks like a fun little silly game to play with the kids. It's not like it was a major AAA game or anything, anyway.


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herbs1531d ago

I agree that Miyamoto is basically master of gaming and other developers should always serious take his advice but to say you should never question him ever is an ignorant statement. Everyone should always question everything and never blindly follow anyone.

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