Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's week 1 sales beat Titanfall, Destiny & Wolfenstein combined

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sold more copies during its first week on sale in the UK than Titanfall, Destiny and Wolfenstein: The New Order combined.

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Foehammer1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Too bad it didn't score as well as TitanFall


Not surprising as COD is on 5 platforms

@ spacedelete, I have some news for you, TF is already a big seller. When EA says they exceeded financial expectations, they mention TF as one of the 1st reasons.

TF is currently in the top ten of all 2014 release on all platforms. It will probably be either the # 3 or #4 best selling fps in 2014. It beat out numerous games like Infamous, KZ, TLOU, etc #dealwithit

TimeSkipLuffy1529d ago

WolfenStein is on 5 platforms as well.
Destiny is on 4 platforms currently.

decrypt1529d ago

Just goes to show you...

Console gamers.. Cant get enough of COD.

This will just encourage another year and another COD with a fresh coat of paint. The process repeats just like last gen for a whole decade with little to no progress on actual game play. Console gamers will happily buy into this for another decade lol.

CorndogBurglar1529d ago

@ Decrypt

Dude, CoD is on PC too. Don't act like only console gamers are buying this

Kingthrash3601529d ago

This cod is actually good IMO.
Ghosts was the worst....and im a bf guy.
Its not as destructive and the levelutions suck compared to bf4 but as a cod fast paced twitch shooter its up there at the top...IMO.

PONTIAC08G8GT1529d ago

As long as people keep buying it every year, COD will pump out every year. I can understand/justify sports games being produced every year. You can have player, new uniforms and logos, new stadiums, and generally there are a lot of changes each year. But COD just seems to be more of the same every year, except this year you get a jet pack which Titanfall was already using. Looks like you can customize your guy a lot, but who cares when the gameplay is so fast you don't have to time to check out someones "cool" sunglasses. And you have your kill streaks and 75 attachments for your gun, just like every COD.

I'd love for them to take a new approach to COD, maybe go "realistic." I know, NOT being able to take half a clip to the chest, crazy concept right? I miss Rainbow six when it was 1-3 bullets are you were dead. None of this, get shot 15 times and then run away and hide and your fully healed. But everyone loves the arcade shooter so, you'll get a new one yearly.

decrypt1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


Check Steam most played games, COD Advanced warfare isnt even on the top 10 list :P not many buy COD on PC any more.

Now do the same for any console lol. Consolers buy COD because:

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.


The reason you dont see anything new is because devs dont want to experiment with anything new. They would rather do what works and not experiment at all.

Remember most of the radical changes used to come from the modding community, you have examples with games like Portal, Dota, CS, left4dead which came to life because of modders. Since corporations do away with any sort of mods (obviously for their own profit) you dont get new sort of gameplay either, its the same old same old.

Yes we can thank the corporations for the state of most games today, specially COD no changes what so ever same stagnant gameplay for another decade lol.

Cream1529d ago

MW is terrible and all the double XP on the planet cant fix it.
Titan Fall will be known as the game the ended P vs P servers.

Cream1529d ago

Oh and Bragging about Who sold the most copies is like Bragging about who is the biggest Sheep.

I embarrassed that I bought this title... not only that! Its digital so I cant re-sell it.

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venom061529d ago

sales in the first week doens't mean much at all.. That's purely based on Hype, Marketing and IGN fanboyism.... Let's see how it holds up in the mist of garbage connections, roof and corner campers, teenie tiny map design, and way to short TTK. More and more CoD YTers are unhappy with the state of the game. Plus, EUROGAMER's review is more spot on and not as "overly anxious in fanboyism" as some of the others that were quick to jump the gum

Neixus1529d ago

''way too short TTK''

That's one of the reason i won't buy this game, considering all the different approaches you can take to an enemy, it's impossible to -not- die when getting fired upon. When it takes less than 1 second to kill someone, it's not based on skill.

''Oh, you didn't look in the direction where your enemy is? too bad''

1529d ago
Ripsta7th1529d ago

In the UK, dont think worldwide

beastModeOn1529d ago

Too bad COD has way more content that TF can only dream of.

PONTIAC08G8GT1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

COD's only been around for 10+ years, I'd expect it to have more content then a brand new game in it's first ever release.

BTW, since the launch the game has had numerous updates:

- New "horde" type game mode
- New game mode "marked for death"
- 3 dlc expansions (9 maps)
- New burn cards for titans
- New insignia
- New AI voices
- New "black market" to buy/sell cards
- New daily challenges
- Increased custom load outs
- New prestige/rank system passed the original Gen 10

I think they've done a pretty good job of expanding/increasing the playability of the game. Just because a game has 10 game modes and allows you to change the color of your characters jock strap isn't all that important.

TheFallenAngel1529d ago

Not only way more content but in my opinion is a lot more fun.

spacedelete1529d ago

Titanfall is on 3 platforms and Destiny is on 4 platforms. you make it out as Titanfall being a Xbox One exclusive when its on PC and 360 as well. EA totally screwed the future of Titanfall not releasing on PlayStation platforms. now people have realised the game was a fad and now even COD advanced warfare has stolen its unique selling point by adding Titanfall features Titanfall will never become a big seller especially now some good games are releasing as Titanfall released during a gaming drought. Titanfall 2 will flop whether its releasing on PlayStation or not. too late.

Magicite1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

UK only, so not a big deal.

P.S. PS4 version at 5th place and X1 version at 14th place in 2014 top sellers at

FlameBaitGod1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

This game bombed so bad on PC LOL. It has like 10-20k simultaneous players playing it only, when B.O had over 200k Lol.

KingKevo1529d ago

@Foehammer: Do you workd for EA?!

Who cares about platforms? Only the PC, PS4 and X1 versions of CoD were made by Sledgehammer, the last gen ports come from High Moon Studios. Respawn did the PC and X1 version with Bluepoint Games making the 360 version. But Respawn even stated that they would have the capacities to make the PS4 version and would have liked to do it, if it wasn't for the deal between MS and EA.

So... shut up fanboy. Titanfall didn't do well at all. It was not a failure, but not the success EA and MS were hoping for. It got overhyped and died off quickly after release.

mysteryraz111529d ago

All multiplat sells come from consoles, shouldnt even made this game for pc when the master race wont buy it, pc master race says they buy a multiplat on the pc yet pc version sells the least, bunch of liers

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TimeSkipLuffy1529d ago

Not bad. Sales is all a publisher needs to confirm that the game is successful despite any scores. If a great game gets a super score but can't sell enough that is usually the end for such a game.

Unreal011529d ago

I say well deserved. This game has lasting appeal to me unlike Destiny, I gave up on that after a week.

GiggMan1529d ago

I understand Destiny may not be for everybody but you honestly think COD has more "lasting appeal" than Destiny?

I'm enjoying COD AW myself also because I hated Ghosts. Let's be honest though, It's basically cycling through the same 13 or 14 multiplayer maps. You may change the game mode but it's still basically start random map, kill enemies for 5 minutes, check your score, then repeat.

I'm digging this new one but I can only jump on COD for maybe an hour at a time. Two hours max. Admittedly I have wasted 4 or 5 hours in Destiny without realizing it.

jspsc1231529d ago

i would rather replay the single player of cod aw than do the same fn strike over and over.

ThatOneGuyThere1529d ago

different strokes for different folks, you know. the only saving grace for me at this point for destiny is the crucible.


I wonder how close to they got to beating GTA V?

smellslikeralph1529d ago

This is call of duty people as long as it says cod or call of duty it will sell period.

Cod is not going anywhere anytime soon. The fanbase is enormous

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