Batman: Arkham Knight Aiming for Graphics Parity Across Xbox One and PS4

The game was originally targeted to launch this fall, but publisher Warner Bros. delayed it to 2015. The game is now scheduled to launch in June 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Batman superfans and collectors might also be interested in a $200 Arkham Knight special edition that comes with a model Batmobile.

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MeliMel1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Atleaet there letting gamers that care about that stuff know ahead of time. Not that it matters because your still gonna get the backlash as to why. Got my marshmallows on stand by...

thekhurg1533d ago

Unless their target is 1080p/30fps then they should not ever mention parity.

rodiabloalmeida1533d ago

I hope this doesn't affect the PC version, as it seems to be the case.

Why o why1533d ago

Agreed rodiabloalmeida. I'm hoping all get pushed to their current limits

UltimateMaster1532d ago

Graphics parity is basically taking a step back in the evolution of video games.

UltimateMaster1532d ago

If games gets gimped because of the Xbox One, then nobody should own the Xbox One.

Just owning it would give support to not wanting graphics to go forward and we should not let that stand.

NukaCola1532d ago

This parity word is poorly used now since the whole AC:U thing. They are going to make sure the consoles both are the same, but it's not bumming one version, it's about putting the most into each to maximize the potential of their respective version. Point blank, if the PS4 version will be it's best, X1 will be it's best. No one should be gimped for the other.

nthstew1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Xbone is cancer of 8th gen gaming..

vishmarx1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

here we go!

admittedly i was getting bored
off to gaming forums!

Pogmathoin1532d ago

well said nthstew, the cancer of gaming, fanboys.

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Lenrulesdaworld1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Why do people say graphics, when they're more than likely talking about resolution, when damn near every games actual graphics are pretty much on par. Other than some resolution differences most games look identical.

1532d ago
Jaqen_Hghar1533d ago

Boo! A man just can't boycott this (was planning on skipping AC this year anyway) but it's an unfortunate practice and MS should stop asking for it. It's just giving them more of a negative public appearance every time.

jackanderson19851533d ago

who says MS are asking for it?? maybe devs are just making the decision themselves, rather than dedicating resources to making one game run at a higher resolution they've taken them and placed them in other areas such as the graphics,lighting,framerate yada yada

--Onilink--1533d ago

here's the thing, games are not developed at let's say 480p and then start upgrading until they reach a point they are happy.

They start at the highest level possible and then start downgrading to a level where it runs smoothly. Therefore, if the PS4 version is 900p, it means they already went past a point where they could have left it at 1080p.

Im not saying thats the case here, as we still do not know if by parity they mean 900p both or 1080p both, and quite frankly the difference between the 2 is not THAT much, but at least its something to consider

ramiuk11532d ago

onilink your wrong.
if parity is the cause it will go with the lowest denominator.

so if ps4 can handle 1080p,yet they have to lower it to 900p for xbone then parity would mean the ps4 being lowered to 900p.

--Onilink--1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

ramiuk, parity means they are both the same. Not that one is being downgraded.

Blizzard was going for parity in D3, and they achieved it, both versions are 1080p.

Same with Destiny, both 1080p.

Parity doesnt mean 900p. It means they are the same. Either by extra effort to bring X1 to 1080, or just leaving the PS4 at a lower resolution

Until we know the resolution, its absurd to assume just because they used the word parity, that its suddenly 900p.

AgentSmithPS41532d ago

A man can wait and pick it up used if they are guilty of parity.

A Smith won't accept a gimped version, I bought the superior PS4 for a reason. I am disappointed in some humans, just taking what they're given like a dog. MS had all that money and they toss you a substandard box...

They should make each version its best and stop being lazy. I hope enough people complain and don't let them get away with treating us like peasants. Do you like bowing before your Lord Warner Bros and licking their boots?

ramiuk11532d ago

damn right dude.
MS and any dev using parity are slowing down game evolution imo.

why spend more money and time making better tech when its gonna be gimped to save face of the lesser tech.

absolutly stupid thing for devs to do.

Volkama1532d ago

Just like Sony shouldn't have asked Activision not to use Azure on the Xbox and PC versions of Advanced Warfare <shakefist @ Sony>

I have no evidence that this is true. That's OK though, as apparently a man does not need evidence...

Jaqen_Hghar1532d ago

PS4 has clearly demonstrated that it can handle better looks. Whether that's in performance, effects, resolution, load times, whatever it is it's demonstrated it with the vast majority of games. So the ones that aren't different are clearly being gimped in favor of the less powerful Xbox. SoM is great for taking advantage but even then it doesn't have to be resolution. Something as simple as foliage or more stable framerate (such is the case with any game that looks the same on both so far as it's inherent for the more powerful system to run smoother if not being taxed more). Meanwhile online on PS4 works just fine every time a man wants to play or download something so not sure what it would improve.

Volkama1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

XBox Live has clearly demonstrated that it can host a better multiplayer experience than what is on offer in Advanced Warfare. PSN has demonstrated DriveClub.

In a multiplayer FPS Servers are more important than resolution.

But meh I'm just being facecious because of your claim that Microsoft are trying to "gimp" the PS4 versions of the game. I'm sure MS would love the XBox version to be at least as good as the PS4 version, but it's a stretch to accuse them of 'gimping' the PS4 version.

XabiDaChosenOne1532d ago

"PSN has demonstrated DriveClub."
What about The Last of us, Killzone Shadow fall or Destiny? Quit the BS dude.
"XBox Live has clearly demonstrated that it can host a better multiplayer experience than what is on offer in Advanced Warfare."
Like Titanfall?
Quit the B.S

Spotie1532d ago

What about Killzone? MAG? DC Universe?

What of all these other games that clearly show you to be full of BS, Volkama? Or does all that suddenly not count?

Thing is: we KNOW Microsoft has done it in the past. We KNOW the policy still exists in some form or another. We KNOW that parity is still happening, and Microsoft is benefiting.

Dunno why you would even try to defend it... Oh, wait, there's ONE reason.

Volkama1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Well Killzone is peer to peer, TLOU is peer to peer, Destiny is hosted by Activision, Mag ad DC Universe (and other SoE MMORPGs) don't have servers anywhere near as well distributed as Titanfall (and also aren't really a comparible experience). So... there goes that theory.

People trying to claim Sony have anything to rival Azure look just as silly as people claiming the XBox has a super secret stacked triple GPU waiting to be switched on.

BUT not Spotie, he is a balanced and respectable individual. He KNOWS that Microsoft are forcing devs to deliver parity (except the vast majority of devs that have not delivered parity). Feel free to share your evidence whenever it suits you.

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