Blizzard confirms that Cross-Platform support for Diablo 3 is “definitely not possible”

Over the weekend Diablo 3’s Lead Designer Kevin Martens explained to GameSpot why Diablo 3 will not be getting any Cross-Platform support and that console gamers won’t be getting the PC’s Seasons.

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NeoGamer2321534d ago

Not surprising at all. Cross platform is not something we will see anytime soon.

But the seasons thing is a bit surprising on X1 though as X1 has challenges. Could they not give rewards through completion of challenges? Guess they are just maintaining parity between the consoles and I support that even if it appears to gimp the features of one console.

MSBAUSTX1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

It is stupid not to do cross platform. What is the difference between this and Final Fantasy 11? I could play that on my PS2 with people playing on a PC. That was like 10 or 12 years ago. Blizzard has the server capability it is more than likely an issue of copy right or something like that between Sony and Microsoft.

It is stupid and is the main reason why PC gaming is starting to look more and more appealing. Especially with the Alpha coming soon. If and when the price is right it will be worth it. Until then I almost just skip games like this because I cant play it with all of my friends due to us all owning a mixture of the consoles.

The parity issue is stupid as well because I can play this game on lower settings on a PC and another person can turn the settings up on theirs. I know consoles do not work that way but cross platform has been done before and this day and age it is living in the past not to do so.

However it would put a large stop to the argument of which console is better when we can all just play together regardless of which console we prefer. It is all marketing and money. It has nothing to do with whether or not they have the ability.

CheexInk1533d ago

Console Diablo 3 and PC Diablo 3 are pretty different. You couldn't make them crossplatform without bringing one in line with the other, which would be a problem because they made those different design decisions to better fit their platform.

MSBAUSTX1533d ago

If the game exists on both then it is possible to be played cross platform. Youre just logging in to a server. If what you say is true then Developers should design the games with cross platform in mind. Take the new COD for instance. The dynamics are the same whether you play on XB1 or PS4 or PC.

It is just laziness i think that we can not play that game on a PS4 against someone on an XB1. What happens in the future when we are streaming games instead of playing an actual disc on a system. It will be pretty hard to argue design for a specific platform being the reason for not having cross platform play then.