Dragon Age Inquisition Install Size, Next Gen Graphics Settings Revealed

A Bioware employee was kind enough to reveal some Dragon Age Inquisition information on install size and consoles graphics settings/ PC requirements.

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Imp0ssibl31534d ago

I guess we won't be able to have more than 10 games on PS4/Xbox One without updating the hard drive, since most are between 40 and 50 GB

Griever1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

How the hell are we supposed to move to a "digital future" with those kinds of sizes?? Even a 2 TB hardisk will be full in a couple of years if you purchase digital versions and DLC. Furthermore, the bigger issue is how do we download games of those sizes with the current internet speeds and caps. I have a 4 Mbps DSL with a 300 GB cap and I pay $25 for it. I cannot afford a 40 or 50 Mbps connection (the highest speed available in my country) and downloading at 4 Mbps will take days!

HeavenlySnipes1534d ago

Delete games after you're done with them

I bought Shadow of Mordor digitally and deleted the game once I platinumed it

Griever1533d ago


Why would I delete a game after spending several days to download it!? I would like to keep it so that I do not have to go through with it again. Besides I like keeping a collection that I can play or show to anybody anytime I want.

DoctorJones1533d ago

Griever, here's a tip for you - Get it on disc.

It's a great shame that your internet is a bit crap, but some of us don't need to worry as much. For you, there is an option.

And maybe a chance that we don't have to have you crying about it.

Lord_Sloth1533d ago

The Install Shuffle. XXXD

Nanux1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

poor guy i have 300 mbps internet and + ~80 tv chanels ant pay ~14$.

Dirtnapstor1533d ago

I've come to really like the idea of going digital, except the download time. I still prefer a disc for that reason. If I need the space, delete, then reinstall at a L8R time when I want it back. Less than a minute and its a go.

Griever1533d ago

@Doctor Jones

I will get it on disc. No need to act like a d**k about it. I raised a valid point. There are 7 billion people in the world and not all of them live in the developed countries. There all kinds of people in the world:rich, poor and the middle class. No need to mock someone for not being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Stop being so arrogant about the realities of the world. Not everybody lives in the advanced and rich MURICA or Europe.

boyscout2991533d ago

Bro, America doesn't instantly mean advanced... I live in the US, and my down is 1 to 1.5 mbps (up is .33) where I live, and that's the best I can get from any provider :/

So yeah, this digital future is a load of garbage, especially for people like my neighbors and I.

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Alexious1534d ago

Damn right it is. Looks like the first reviewer who finished it spent 85 hours....And that's not even with all the side quests.

boskoz1534d ago

Shadow of Mordor on my PC is 32 gb so yes, 24 gb is quite a large game indeed but, as my example, i've seen worse.

Anyway there is no relation between gigabytes and actual content (Skyrim is only 12gb...and how many months I played it :D)

Alexious1534d ago

Me neither. Tomorrow the first reviews will drop...

MrFit1534d ago

I don't have time to plow through games, get the platinum then delete them. I like to take my time and come back to games over a long period of time, so no digital copies for me at those sizes. And if DA:I takes that long to finish Who's going to be able to finish and delete it that quickly?

Sayburr1534d ago

You still have to install physical discs to the hard drive, so you are not saving space by not going digital.

Alexious1533d ago

That's right. There is no way out, it seems.

tigertron1533d ago

Good job the PS4 has lightning fast install times.

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