Xbox One eSRAM Easy To Use But Its Limited Size & Deciding What Should Go There Is An Issue: Dev

"Ever since the launch of Xbox One, the eSRAM has been the major culprit behind lower resolution of certain games on the Xbox One. However the development situation seems to be improving with major AAA games like Destiny and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare running at 1080p, although the latter runs at a dynamic resolution."

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segmentnext1534d ago

First it was the complexity of eSRAM and now it's the size, what's next? I am sure there is a good reason behind the size!

lemoncake1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Size is probably because it's intended for tiled resources which isn't ready yet, would be a good amount of esram to have for that type of use.

@Amuro I have no idea who Misterxmedia is. The rest of what you say tbh is confusing as you contradict yourself trying to set up a random strawman argument by linking to two pc graphics cards that dont even use esram and tiled resources, Gddr5 is faster than DDR3 for graphics, no S*** Sherlock.

Simply put 32Mb of esRam translates to 6GB worth of textures using tiled resources. If you just pissy cause you a fanboy don't worry as sony also have something similar in the works to tiled resources.

Amuro1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I think you been reading the blog of Misterxmedia too much because the esRam was put there because DDR3 is a bottleneck to the GPU.

Same card, different types of memory. Look at the massive difference in performance:


While playing Borderlands 2 with the same GPU frame-rate goes from "23" with DDR3 to "40" with GDDR5.


It is ridiculously expensive...

otherZinc1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

eSRAM allowed Forza Horizon 2 to have Weather at launch, 200+ cars, & no invisible walls.

Other companies should look into this more.

Ask that developer why Drive Club couldn't do weather at launch. What does he suspect the problem is with the PS4 since it's 50% more powerful than the XBOX ONE.

Nekroo911533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

No invisible walls?! some areas are closed even when you go throught offroad roads sometimes youll find two walls on each side. its not completely open like true open worlds.

and esram has nothing to do with that, 200 cars happened because they are using an old engine so everything its done.

While if they created an engine they needed to add everything from the start. Thats what happened to Driveclub.

You really dont know how games are made of so stop talking

ramiuk11533d ago

200 cars is the fact they used there old library .not because esram lol.


Foehammer1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Time for Nekroo91 to wake up

Forza games on X1 use a new engine with console firsts like:

Forward+ rendering

and rarely seen 4xMSAA


@ Dante

Forward+ Rendering...First and ONLY on FH2

try reading the article and you'll learn something

Like I said 4xMSAA, rare on console, ergo you only give 1 example, and the reason Digital Foundry brings it up in the interview #dealwithit.

1533d ago
dantesparda1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"Forward+ rendering

and rarely seen 4xMSAA"

So a forward renderer is something brag about? Its only been used since, oh I don't know, ever!

And "rarely seen 4xMSAA"?! UFC on PS4 says "hi"

And DC uses FXAA, temporal and pixel-based passes, along with further algorithms that work directly on materials themselves giving the title a distinctly super-sampled appearance across many objects. And im sure you know that SSAA is superior to MSAA.

And otherZinc, every thing you said is nonsense and just shows that you know nothing about what you're taking about. And the reason that weather isn't in DC is because of time and they are still balancing it out. And DC looks better than FH2.

And to lemoncake, esram was not put into the system for TR it was put into the system to make up for the low bandwidth of the DDR3 and the reason there is only 32MB of it is because of the cost and the amount of space it takes up on the APU. It already cost MS 6 CUs. Man, none of you guys have your facts right. Its all just beliefs.

And TR can be done on PS4 too. Its nothing more than megatextures on a hardware level. AMD made an extension for it years ago on OpenGL as did NV with CUDA 4.0, its just that MS bragged about it to sell DX11.2. Its nothing special to MS or X1, everybody has been had it and the PS4 can do it too under the name of PRT (partially resident textures). Now get you facts right, and stop looking like a bunch of dumb fanboys.

Update: That's right fanboys, disagree with facts, Its what you guys do. And instead go on believing your nonsense.

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JackVagina1533d ago

esram is also physically huge, so if there was anymore the size of the console would be ever bigger

no_more_heroes1533d ago

Yes, should be "is." I won't be a grammar nazi though, because internet.

Why o why1533d ago

I was more thinking. 'Are issues' because there were more than one issue so it makes sense to drop the 'an'. . I'm also not too bothered. . .but yeah, it interested me for a second.

xxmagicmanx1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Do you think MS don't now how to build a console? Just look the Original and the 360. Let see what happens with directX 12