All you should want for Christmas is an Xbox One

Ben Harrison puts the case for the Xbox One - without even slagging off the PS4. Now that's a new concept! He writes ...

"Its no surprise that next gen consoles are going to be getting a lot of attention in the next few and coming months. Since release the Xbox One and PS4 have been battling it head to head on the international market. Creating an incredibly separated and split next gen gaming community. On one hand you have the hardcore Microsoft lovers, ( I’m not ashamed to say that I am certainly among them, if you haven’t figured out by now this is going to be an article in defense of the Xbox One), who are screaming “XBO!!, XBO!!” to the skies in wait for some miracle to save the Xbox One’s sales numbers. However, on the other hand you have the Sony goons. Who couldn’t be happier with the launch and sales numbers of the PS4 and its control of the next gen market currently."

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madmonkey011532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I dont, i am more likely to buy a wii u, as it has games of interest that i cant play on my ps4 or PC. unlike the xbox one.

I dont like opinion pieces that are blatant flame bait, using phrases like "sony goons" shows that this in no way could be an objective piece.

mcstorm1532d ago

It all depends on what games your are into.

I got an xbox one 1st over the PS4 because the PS4 has no games im interested in at this moment in time. The only game I was excited about was Driveclub but the more I heard about it the less interest I lost in it.

For me I wanted Forza 5, Horizon 2, KI Sunset overdrive and Halo MCC which cant be found on PC. I also got a WiiU as this for me has the most games I want so far and im loving the console.

At the end of the day none of the new gen consoles are bad its just personal choice on which on you get.

If you are a big fan of 3rd party games but love Halo then its an xbox you want. If its 3rd party and GT then its a PS4 you need to get.

If its just exclusives you want a console for then it depends on the exclusives you like or want the most.

For me I will pickup a PS4 next year as I want UC4 but until then im happy with just the 2 next gen consoles I have at the moment.

madmonkey011532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

the only xbox game for me at the minute would be forza, in the future i am looking forward to the ps4 exclusive line up, more than the xbox, so as of yet there isnt enough reason for me to get one.

wiiu has a couple of games i am interested in, like mario kart, smash bros, but that's probably it until zelda.

never been a fan of halo. FPS in general isnt a genre i enjoy very much but there have been a few exceptions.

Christopher1532d ago

Pretty much, mcstorm. I have a PS4 because it has the exclusives I want. Now, I'm interested in Sunset Overdrive, but that's it. When more titles come that I'm interested in, then I'll get an XBO. But, not just for one game.

nX1531d ago

Judging by how last gen turned out and how the future looks like, PS4 + PC + WiiU is the most rational choice this gen.

jebabcock1531d ago

How much did ms pay for this article? Neither console has a good exclusive lineup for the holiday... wii u probably does have the best. Let's just be glad for 3rd party games. There are a ton of multiplatform games that everyone will enjoy this holiday...

Volkama1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

But the 360 was a fantastic console, and Halo + Gears are some of the biggest IPs out there.

So really if you factor in last gen then it depends what games you like and what platforms you already have. Same as if you don't factor in last gen, but with a bit more to base your decision on :)

jspsc1231531d ago

nintendo exclusives
xbox exclusives
ps4 exclusives+3rd party

if your a console gamer this is the way to go. its nice having all 3

mcstorm1531d ago

@jspsc123 It also depends on 3rd party's too as most people I know own an xbox one so that is my 3rd party console as I play with them more online than I do against other gamers so to speak.

But great to know there are other multi console owners on this site.

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MeliMel1532d ago

As objective as your comment. Its always the same comments. "There is nothing that interest me on Xbox One, so im gonna get a Wii U".

madmonkey011532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I didn't say i would get one, just said it has more that appeals to me at the moment. which is true.
if i were to buy a second console it would be a wii u, but at the minute i am happy enough with PS4 and PC for gaming. I have my PC connected to the TV and i play with a DS4 mostly with that anyway, so it feels and looks pretty much the same.

@ shloobmm3

no i am saying there are no games for it that i cant play on the pc, that would incite me to buy one. i know there are a few games that truly are xbox one only. but not enough that i would like to play, that warrants a purchase of the console, in my opinion. I know some of you wont like the ps4 line up, so the xbox would be a better choice for you, its all opinion.

DougLord1532d ago ShowReplies(1)
shloobmm31532d ago

You are speaking as if the x1 doesnt have games u cant play on your pc.

mcstorm1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@madmonkey01 Cool and I would say Horizon 2 is a reason to pickup a xbox one this game is amazing and massive too.

Like I said gaming is and should always be each to their own as we all have different tastes when it comes to games and for gaming to carry on going we need people to be different to keep us having a massive selection of IP's and also to keep us having 3 company's in the industry because only having one is not good for the industry imo.

callahan091531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I am very happy with my PS4, but as a Halo fan from day 1 of the original Xbox (waited in line outside Circuit City to get it at launch), I just had to have an Xbox One for Halo. Master Chief Collection now, Halo 5 next year. On top of that, as a long-time fan of Insomniac games, particularly Ratchet & Clank, the new Sunset Overdrive appeals to my sensibilities. So I bought an Xbox One last night and got Sunset Overdrive and pre-ordered Master Chief Collection!

Now I won't miss out on any games (I got a Wii U at launch as well).

What games should I be playing on my new Xbox One (keep in mind I already have all the multiplatform games I'm interested in on my PS4, so just the games that I can't get on PS4 please).

I am thinking of buying Titanfall, which is only $20 on Amazon right now, though I've never been a Call of Duty fan and the only online multiplayer shooter I ever got into was Halo. Still, 20 bucks is hard to pass up on one of the system's marquee exclusives now that I have a chance to play it.

Should I get Forza Horizon 2? The last racing game I truly loved was Burnout Paradise (I never played the first Forza Horizon). Is Forza 5 still worth playing now that Horizon 2 is out?

Volkama1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Horizon 2 is fantastic. There is a pretty sizable demo available, go play that and decide for yourself.

Forza 5 is also well rpesented and you won't go far wrong if you like cicuit racing, but Horizon 2 is more impressive.

Titanfall is quality, but only if you like competitive FPSing. It has nothing else to offer.

Also, pick up a cheap copy of Ryse. Seriously, it's well worth a play-through.

Dead Rising 3 is a bit ugly, but quite entertaining if you like slower-paced carnage.

If you're creative, give the free Project Spark a whirl.

If you hate life and people then try Fighter Within. But don't actually, it is every bit as bad as they say.

mcstorm1531d ago

Titan fall is good game for pickup and killing a little bit of time but I don't see me going back to it once Halo is out. But as for Horizon 2 Ide say pick it up its my game of the new gen so far and if your unsure try the demo.
Forza 5 is also worth playing but Horizon 2 is stopping me from going back to 5 a lot of the time.

callahan091531d ago

Thanks guys! I didn't realize there was a Horizon 2 demo. That's great, I'll download that tonight. But everybody has basically sold me on it with the high praise! But, better safe than sorry so I'll get the demo first before I spend the cash on it. Dead Rising 3 looks like a lot of fun, so I'll pick that up for like 20 bucks. Is Ryse really worth a play through for 20 bucks? I think it looks OK (graphics, great though), for 20 bucks I've enjoyed many games in the past that got mediocre reviews.

Forza 5, looks like I'll skip it and stick with Horizon 2 if I like the demo as much as I should.

Is Titanfall still going strong online? How will Halo coming out tomorrow effect the community? If it's nearly dead, I will probably just skip it.

Volkama1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Well I can't really value your $20 as it rather depends how many you have :)

Ryse is good for a play through, but will only take 6-8 hours. If you are into cinematic sound and visuals you might scrape a second play. The extra modes aren't worth a damn. But those 6-8 hours are probably a highlight of "next-gen" so far for me.

Titanfall doesn't have a huge community. Enough to get into a game straight away, and the servers are spot on. I would imagine the community will go rather quiet when the Master Chief comes a knockin, but it won't die.

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ThePope1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Everyone of these articles has as the first post a PS fanboy saying why the X1 sucks. Its crazy how many people are not interested in anything the X1 has. I mean I didn't realize PS gamers were so different. But wait the games that come for the PS4 are basically the same genres. I remember in April how much everyone loved Infamous, and how it was the perfect game to get a PS4 for, but SSOD is boring and not worth buying an X1 for.

People keep talking about exclusives and posting links to that list site, but HALF of them no one has ever heard of or will play. Its always about quality. As far as that goes the X1 wins hand down. Keep all those P's I'll keep the best games.

Magicite1531d ago

Getting Warlords of draenor in 3 days and KH2,5 in December. Christmas will be awesome!

P.S. Xbone is last thing I want to spoil my Xmas.

InfiniteZero281531d ago

That's because its an opinion based article.

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lelo2play1532d ago

If they released those crazy X1 bundles in Portugal (Europe), I would be all over it.

Suggestion for a bundle: X1 + Sunset + Halo + Forza Horizon 2 + 12months Gold for 450€.

Microsoft, make it happen.

spence524901532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

But I has one already. See what I did there?

NiteX1532d ago

I kinda want Sunset Overdrive, but that's all. And 1 game is never worth the price of a console.

shloobmm31532d ago

If that game is good enough sure it is. Cause you will eventually try games you otherwise never would have

Christopher1532d ago

Not likely. Especially since you know the majority of exclusives from last generation.

I'm also interested in Sunset Overdrive. But, not much else. I'd probably pick up the MCC, but only to say I've tried them. But, honestly, I'm not into the majority of exclusives I've seen at all and the others... I'd probably never pick them up until they're bargain bin.

And, I see no point in paying $400 for a single game. When they get a bevvy more, I'll reconsider.

Spotie1531d ago

Rarely, I'd say, rather than never.

So far, though, there's only one game that interests me on XB1, and it's not enough interest to shell out for the whole console.

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