Is Overwatch only a Team Fortress clone?

Blizzard shocked us all on Friday evening when they released their brand new game, Overwatch. A multiplayer first person shooter, a first for Blizzard. It feels like Team Fortress on steroids, could this be the next big FPS?

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HanCilliers1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Personally I think TF2 looks much better. I also think the online FPS genre is a bit flooded, don't see Overwatch making it big, but I do hope I am wrong. There's also Evolve to consider..

decrypt1535d ago

Its not just about the looks, the gun play in TF2 is absolutely solid.

Not only that, TF2 is simply hilarious. Not only fun to play you are literally laughing when playing TF2.

orakle441535d ago

It's a Blizzard game, it's gonna be big.

SonZeRo1535d ago

i like the look of this game, much better than TF2 in my opinion

OUROSMAG1535d ago

I could care less, the game looks amazing, and personally I think it looks like its gonna be more fun than TF2.

Dark111535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I wish blizzard used a more serious art style like in Diablo 3/WOW.

Neixus1535d ago

Wow - serious artstyle?

wow is as cartoonish as it can get, which is nothing wrong with.

I love the artstyle for this game!

WeAreLegion1535d ago

No. This is a full on RPG FPS. Take the characters of an MMO or MOBA and shove them into an FPS with all their abilities and you have Overwatch. It may look like TF2, but it doesn't play anything like it.

Godmars2901535d ago

Not seeing how it can be considered an "RPG" when the characters have no opportunity to develop their characters. Only combat related stats or abilities if that.

The status and understanding of RPGs has really degraded if such is the public opinion.

WeAreLegion1535d ago

I should have used a different acronym then. I'm just trying to simplify the premise. There are abilities here from fantasy games, like Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls.

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