Sorry Evolve, but asymmetrical multiplayer just isn't consistently fun

Dealspwn: "In short, the things that make games like Evolve interesting in the first place are the very things that make it difficult to build a consistent experience."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1534d ago

Sounded like such a fun concept. After watching people stream the beta though, it just seems really boring.

FuzzyPixels1534d ago

Yeah, if you don't have the perfect setup it just falls apart. I can probably count the rounds I've really enjoyed with it on one hand, which just isn't good enough, especially not at £45-50.

MysticStrummer1534d ago

It looks like it would be fun to me, but the number of monsters and maps needs to be much larger.

KiwiViper851534d ago

Someone should tell Fable Legends that.