It's time for Call of Duty to return to World War II

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has won plenty of plaudits for its entertaining portrayal of near future combat, and for incorporating the weapons of tomorrow into an established and valuable gameplay formula.

Part of the game's charm is its slightly sci-fi setting of computerized combat simulations, swarm drones, boost jumps and robotic prosthetics. But at its heart, it remains a point-and-shoot gallery wrapped around an expensive narrative frame.

So where does Call of Duty go next, in its grueling annual attempt to offer novelty and freshness to an audience with plenty of other options at their disposal"

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MrCherry2502d ago

I love cod3 game i started on it biga$$ maps, cars tanks, to drive and and.... not that much lag for an old game. I think thiy should go to ww2, thiy jummp to fast in the timeline of wars and this is me but the fast a$$ paste in cod and camping I dont play cod anymore. May sound stupid but thats me and I love the oldschool cod. P.S the gay a$$ snipr $hit you got now, in cod3 it tock skill and a little luck to be sniper and that made the game feel fare, all guns had something to thim to have an edge but not like it is know.

3-4-52502d ago

* Call of Duty: 1870-1920

timmyp532502d ago

I suggested this last year. I think it's finally time.

VealParmHero2502d ago

I agree, I think a WWII game could be a lot of fun. I mean are we just never getting one again? Now with 3 teams, I don't see why the can't stick one in there

DanteVFenris6662502d ago

Yea and the good thing is cod drones will buy it no matter what, so activision can dish out whatever game and it'll sell millions so they probably will eventually.

venom062502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

NOONE, but NOONE really wants a WWII game.. that would be boring as heck (its just that CoD fanboys know that there's really nothing else to do).... Now that we have gotten used to the modern setting and even future settings (BO2 to AW), this is where the fun is. This author is saying this because there's REALLY NOWHERE ELSE FOR CoD TO GO. WWII games have been done to death (been there, done that).. the guns would be boring, the setting would boring, the maps would be boring. There's a reason so many folks still play BLOPS 2!!

QUNE2502d ago

I think it's time also.
BF1942 did it best IMO. It covered pretty much all facets of the war. Land, Sea and Air. I'd buy another COD game if they did that for sure.

zeal0us2502d ago

Why WW2 and not WW1. There aren't many WW1 games or based games.

Jaqen_Hghar2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

because the combat isn't very fun in WW1 for a game. It was a defensive war with lots of trenching and then charging into machine guns. You could be a machine gunner but that's more apt for a mobile or indie game than a $60 COD

Lisica2502d ago

Western front was boring; Eastern, not so much.

Summons752502d ago

It could be though. Make it strategy based instead of run around with ADHD. Get players to communicate instead of screaming homophobic and sexist things at each other. Make the game punishing, no health regen, medics, easy deaths really focus on making the player get better. Shake up the series it won't harm anyone but make it better.

Jaqen_Hghar2502d ago


Look a man isn't saying that type of game wouldn't be fun or more intelligent, but it wouldn't be COD. You're asking for a different series that caters to a different audience. If they put that out and labeled it as COD, even if they pulled it off great, their fans would be pissed and sales would suffer.

DanteVFenris6662502d ago

Oh yes because activision games clearly demonstrate modern warfare in their games.... Hahahahaha. No if they made a ww1 game it obviously wouldn't follow real warfare back then just like how it doesn't now.

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USMC_POLICE2502d ago

WW1 was trenches mostly doesn't make for a fun game.

DanteVFenris6662502d ago

ww2 had trenches as well didn't stop activision to ignore that. The only time it didn't was during tank warfare. Let's be honest here, activision isn't even close to portraying real war in their games. Not modern warfare and not ww2 either

jackwei222502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Vietnam War should be done and not just a short level like in black ops and this time you can be the French, Vietnam and US.

Summons752502d ago

We almost had that and in 3rd person to shake up the franchise and get it some long over due fresh air but nooooo copy/paste/ingnore all the problems the series has and pretend its brand new.

Vietnam would be good.

TreMillz2502d ago

No its not. 6th gen was flooded with WW2 shooters with the exception of a few (conflict desert storm I loved it). The game needs to stay in modern times because quite frankly, these little kids only know modern time they won't eat up classic war time like we did...

USMC_POLICE2502d ago

Who cares what the little kids will play the adults want WW2.

TreMillz2502d ago

Adults don't want WW2 because if we did show demand, it would have been created again... No one wants to go back in time, at least not enough of you people, as for the kids, take them away and see how much money Activision loses just to cater for the "Adults" who honestly act no different on CoD...

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