NGB | Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

NGB Wrote: "To cap this all off, I’ll address the “Exo Suit feels like Titanfall” thing mentioned at the start of the review. To the untrained eye, this may well be the case. Jumping up and boosting through a window to take down a player shooting from the other side of the room is possible in both of the games, but the key difference is this. Titanfall was designed like that from the ground up. Advanced Warfare has taken the core Call of Duty mechanics and enhanced them with these new fangled suits. They feel totally different, and frankly, who cares if they’ve taken an idea from another game and implemented it? That’s what video games have been doing since day one, and although I doubt it’s been ripped wholesale from Respawn’s new baby, it’s done more for Call of Duty than anything has done over the past 4 or 5 years. Considering how much I was down on the series as a whole, Advanced Warfare has turned me round on it. Maybe not quite to the level I used to, but it’s done enough to get me back on side again."

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