NGB | DriveClub Review

NGB Wrote: "Hidden somewhere within DriveClub is a very good racing game. A game with online hooks that dig in to every element of the experience, whether you’re taking on friends and rivals directly or through the challenges dotted around the game. Sadly, the most crucial part of the game simply doesn’t work right now, and in spite of its extra 11 months, feels horribly unfinished in places. Things like dynamic weather should be in the game at launch, particularly as that’s what was showcased so much at the likes of E3 and EGX. Whilst everyone should appreciate that things happen that will derail some plans a little bit, the fact that DriveClub is still as broken as it is this far down the line, in spite of the additional year that was given to it is inexcusable. Hopefully, in 6 months time, when everything is fixed and all of the content patches are out, it will be a game worth picking up. Until that day arrives, it’s very, very difficult to recommend DriveClub as anything more than an astonishingly pretty, but ultimately nothing more than competent single-player racing game."

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