BioWare on the advantages that PS4, Xbox One will provide Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare feels that one of the most important aspects to creating a successful RPG title lies in the developer’s ability to create a sense of immersion. While story helps achieve this, building a world that feels alive is an equally useful tool. It may sound obvious and simple, but Lee stated that the inclusion of hi-res textures on the newer hardware really does help achieve this sense of a realistic and immersive world.

Driving the visual fullness of the game even further, producer Cameron Lee confirmed that there are several other things that BioWare was able to add exclusively to Xbox One, PS4, and PC editions of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Those playing on new-gen platforms will experience subtle improvements to the game’s natural setting such as windswept leaves and foliage along with atmospheric air thanks to additional smoke and fog effects. The world itself will also literally be alive with increased wildlife populations on new-gen consoles.

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Bigpappy1534d ago

Well good on them to put that extra effort into the new hardware.

Forn1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Yeah, though would prefer all devs to be focused on next-gen only.

RegorL1534d ago

next-gen only? No PC? :S

Seriously, it is the same source content for all platforms. When porting parts of BF4 to iOS no artists needed to be involved!

Pretty sure they:
1. Port the engine.
2. Measure the ported engines limits (triangles, textures, ...).
3. Puts those limits into a config file for the build system.
4. Press build...
5. Test all versions!
6. An in game door wont open? Fix game logic.
6. Erronous rendering? Fix engine bug repeat from 2.
7. Pop in / frame rate drop? Finding improved limits. Repeat from 3.

markyboy21811534d ago

and seriously downgrades in graphics aint touchin ps4 till next year till witcher , the order n bloodbourne come out n if they get the same tratment im binning ps4 n never giving these companys another penny of my money!!!!!!

die_fiend1534d ago

You must be English to be using words like 'aint' but whatever you're speaking sure isn't English.

You do realise that the downgrade occurs when they show something on PC and then the version that hits consoles doesn't look as good. They've showed all of those games running on consoles so they will look at least as good as those. If that wasn't the most obvious thing ever.

Volkama1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Aint no point tryin to reason wiv 'im Guvner, e's barkin mad. Tally-ho toodle-pip what what.

Bigpappy1534d ago

You do know the PS4was made with the intention that people would buy it to play games right? Some of you PS4 owners don't seem to know what its for. You seem to think that it is some kind of super computer that does something beyond playing great games.

If that's the case you are setting yourself up for a miserable and disappointing 5 to 10 year period.