Sony: Let's Round Up "Over 49 Million Units" to "Over 50 Million Units"

Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft writes: "Do you like numbers? Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai loves numbers. In today's strategy planning meeting, Hirai pointed out that the PSP has currently sold over 37 million units. That's a lot! What's more (or less, actually), the PLAYSTATION 3 has shifted over 12 million units since launch. Grand total: Over 49 million. We're fairly certain that worldwide sales of both the PS3 and the PSP are over 50 million. That, and "Total Over 49 Million Units" doesn't sound as nearly nice as "Total Over 50 Million Units." So there you go."

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paul_war4734d ago

"lies, damn lies and statistics"

NO_PUDding4734d ago

It's not lies.

The commenters on Kotaku's very own page realise Kotaku like to moan about a lot.

If for example the PSP sold 37.5 million and the PS3 12.5 million,


37.5 + 12.5 = 50

And it's porbabaly over 50 million, so why should Kaz Hirai say over 49 million? Any company would have done the same, and yet you can bet Kotaku wouldn't have picked up on it.

LaChance4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

have sold 12 million PS3's.

according to PS3 fanboys they have sold 14 million.

Geez , I dont know who to believe anymore...

On a more serious note thats some pretty good sales for the PSP.

Always thought it was alot less succesful.BTW looks like Sony is the only one (nintendo excluded of course) lately to have had a real succes in the portable business.I remember the NGAGE , Wonderswan etc.

TripleTags4734d ago

That graph is classic candy coating. Someone at Sony should read Tufte.

Liar4734d ago

The best thing about this? It is Sony that just burned all the 'nuggets' screaming 14 million and more.

XBOX 3604734d ago


That's because this report is months old (around early March). If the last official count was "Over 12 million," then it's obviously possible it is hitting "almost 14 million" especially when it's been selling well recently.

plenty a tool4734d ago

so sony are still roughly 7mil behind microsoft.

Fanboy Slaughter4734d ago

Lachance, please go the way of Jason360 and PoG and banish yourself to the open zone before while you still have more than one bubble.

And Plenty a Tool, which name did you used to be before it went the way of the one-bubble brigade and you had to make a new one?

damrightfresh4734d ago

They probaly push another 1 million units thanks to MGS4

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Fishy Fingers4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Drama queen.... People need to learn that company PR is basically to tell you what you want to hear. If that means embelishing the truth then so be it.

If they're stood on a stage Id take a grain of salt with everything they say.

Oh, and over 37 million, plus over 12 million can equal over 50 million. Just depends how many over those millions they were.

(ps, I hate PR spokesmen)

Ashton4734d ago

37.5+12.85=50.35 ====>over 50 million

LaChance4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Does anybody know how many members on N4G?

What are the other big gaming forums , is N4G the biggest etc ? Do other gaming forums know about N4G ?

Bubble for anyone who can give me some info.

@Bananaslug : wow , thats incredible , thats ALOT of members and hits.Didnt know N4G it was that big.Since I can only give you bubble at a time ,I'll give you some extra next time I see one of your posts.

BananaSlug4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

31092 members (active + nonactive)


i dont think other gaming forums would know about, or at least in terms of quoting information, N4G since N4G compiles news from other sites (and even other gaming forums such as neogaf)

but um, N4G definitely gets a lot of hits daily


Gothdom4734d ago

of course they are dumb, it's Kotaku.

LaChance4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )


FAQS4734d ago

Q: Yeah what, dumbass?
A: ....

Condoleezza Rice4734d ago

that these type of Articles are what make them a Joke?

BananaSlug4734d ago

kotaku always have the dumbest headlines

Mr_Bun4734d ago

I love how a company which is notorious for fabricating stories about Sony is complaining about Sony fabricating numbers...Is that the best you have Kotaku? claims that their "corporate colors" include purple when clearly it is mauve!

Silogon4734d ago

Kotaku are a bunch of idiots. Let's go over some of the recent blunders those morons have been apart of.

1 - They thought Bill Murry Played Ray and not Peter in Ghostbusters.
2 - They thought when the Perry said PSP was comparable to ps2 it was a bad thing. Leigh Alexander said "I don't think comparing your handheld to last gen systems is a good thing" < This still boggles my mind because the psp is a handheld and it is out putting ps2 quality graphics, something Nintendo could only dream of with the DS.
3 - They talked MGs4 up until the heavens turned green with envy and then when their poster boy Yahtzee reviewed it all of a sudden agreed with everything he said.

I think Kotaku is a joke and a parody site not to be taken serious, much like Sony defense force and Gamespot. Brian Crecente needs to ban hammer all of his staff, if you ask me. How funny would that be? How funny would Ban hammer mondays be if Brian came in and said he's banning Luke Pukenut and Ban Asscroft?

juuken4734d ago

kotaku is a huge joke.
That's all I'm gonna say about them.

FAQS4734d ago

Q: Does Kotaku realize that these type of Articles are what make them a Joke?
A: I'm really not sure if they realize that, but I'm 100% sure THEY ARE A JOKE!

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