The Walking Dead PS4 Season 1 saves aren't transferring to Season 2

A bug found in the PS4 version of The Walking Dead is currently preventing users from transferring their Season One save data over to Season Two, according to various online reports.

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timmyp531528d ago

Telltale games always are buggy as hell I've even had problems on PC. What pisses me off even more is that there was not even consideration for cross saves. This game really cries out for cross saves. What about my 400 days of summer playthrough and who wants to keep playing TWD or WAU on ps3 or ios when it has released for a new system or platform. They need to create a manual decision system that you can input your decisions or something. Telltale games need to get callled out more instead of the constant praise they get. Technical issues like this and lag can really hamper the experience.