Why Final Fantasy XV is Comedy Gold

Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix revealed a new trailer for their latest entry in their chief money maker series: Final Fantasy XV. It demonstrated the game’s gorgeous visuals, Southern European inspired locales paired with an interesting sci-fi overlay, and a bizarre departure from the series’ regular style of gameplay. This was all well and good, and for a trailer, it actually did a decent job of showing off a few tidbits of what we can expect the final product to be like.'

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ritsuka6661531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

''The problem is, just like Final Fantasy XIII before it, that final product might end up a hilarious mess of a game with clashing themes and laughably awful characters. Here’s a bunch of reasons why Final Fantasy XV could very well be the final nail in the beloved franchise’s coffin'

Totally agree I don't know what has gotten into Square Enix, they were so much better back in the SquareSoft days...

e-p-ayeaH1531d ago

FFXV needs to show off this core gameplay mechanics.

Skate-AK1531d ago

"All five of the Boyz sport black boots with red leather soles."

So they wear Louis Vuitton shoes?

e-p-ayeaH1531d ago

The author tried too hard to be funny its pathetic...

Adrian_v011530d ago

Only two guys, Noctis and the blond one have haircuts which are the West. In Japan they are rather common. The other 3 guys look rather normal to me. They all serve Noctis as his bodyguards so it kinda makes sense they'd be dressed similarly.

The world is supposed to be huge so you'll be thankful to have a car, chocobos will be there too. And the car, Noctis is an fing prince, of course his car will be luxurious. I don't see Queen Elizabeth driving around in a Ford Anglia either. And wow, Final Fantasy 8 was nowhere near a failure, sold almost 8m copies. And yeah, wast fields of nature and a sci-fi setting were never featured in any game before Xenoblade. Xenoblade did it first, totally.