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Catdawgg1530d ago

This is where i will shoot wild animals with assault rifles

DarkOcelet1530d ago

It seems to be more of the same. Raid outpost , climb tower , hunt animal. At least the fortress is sort of new, well i remember those from far cry 2. It seems the repetitive gameplay will not change. Sigh.

FastRedPonyCar1530d ago

I think it was pretty much understood that this would basically be FC3 in the mountains.

I'm ok with that since FC3 was awesome (IMO).

They are still being constrained by the old consoles so this was the safest move.

quenomamen1529d ago

Well seeing as how a certain game just launched featuring the same repetative gameplay for the last 7 years I think we can give FC4 a liitle slack.

FullmetalRoyale1530d ago

This is where I'll be collecting daisies and wild animals will try to murder me.


Hey. You play you're way, I'll play my way. Lol

1529d ago
Meltic1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

No Mountains ?. Is it only in a mission were you can climb the Mountains and go on the snow ?

angelsx1530d ago

Is it bigger then GTA5 map?I don't know witch game to start first.

Bansai1530d ago

Well you can never go wrong with a GTA game so it should be an easy choice :)

WeAreLegion1530d ago

Start with FarCry 4. There isn't as much content.

RedDevils1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Gta has everything and more than what Far cry had in term of contents

WeAreLegion1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Yeah. That's what I said. FarCry 4 has less content. Why are people disagreeing with me?

Do people not know how to read? Dang it, people. This is why we can't have nice things.

bauer0071530d ago

GTA 5 is way bigger and better!

SuperJay1821530d ago

I'm seriously blind.. shows pythons/demon fish on the sidebar, really can't see them on the map (probably mean me crapping myself when I stumble upon one).

KTF261530d ago

Unknown location

Only Elephant, Yak, Rhino, Macaque, and Honey Badger are shown in the map (Known location).

that's weird
why they show them in the map key???

ShiranaiJittai1529d ago

Wait wait....honey badger? As in THE HONEY BADGER...well many of us should expect to die then. OFTEN.

jackeyjames1530d ago

I was very excited to hear this news, I saw its like on an old map and kinda small with 5 towns.

irishyort1530d ago

I was hoping it was a bit bigger than this. It doesn't appear to be much bigger than FC3.

I suppose if it was too big and there was not much going on in places I would complain about that too, so I'll have to assume they did their best and filled the map with things going on and it'll be a great experience like FC3 was.

This will probably do me for the year as far as buying any more games. I'm sure it won't disappoint!

ironfist921530d ago

You make it seem like this is all flat. There are frigging mountains everywhere. On a 3-Dimensional scale, Kyrat will be bigger, combined with vertical traversal.

pasta_spice1530d ago

I think the devs have confirmed the map isn't much bigger than FC3 but there will be more things to do on it.

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