Is Uprise new Battlefield 4 DLC?

A dog tag found in the BF4 community test environment has sparked chatter that there’s a 6th DLC drop for the game due soon.

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bouzebbal1528d ago

this game is a complete FAIL... they released it a year ago and nothing since.
shows how EA is committed to its consumers /s

Yi-Long1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Bought BF4 Premium for 40 euro in the EU sale a few weeks ago, and enjoying it so far.

Probably won't buy any new DLC. Waiting for Final Stand to come out, and that's it.

I do like how they keep all the DLC 'seperate', so you can just choose to play the China Rising DLC, or the Second Assault DLC, and you will stay on those maps on those servers, so you don't suddenly get thrown from a server when it moves to a map-pack you might nog have bought.

FunkMacNasty1527d ago

Abzdine, are you retarded??? We all know BF4 had a shitty launch and wasn't fixed until months later, and we all know that EA doesn't give a shite, but to say that Dice hasn't supported the game in a year is just ludicrous and is absolute proof you obviously haven't layed your hands on the game in quite some time, if at all. Dice has kept on top of BF4 since ironing out the launch and connectivity issues. From dropping community challenges, to issuing free content and gold battlepacks, to the major update patches wich have addressed community complaints and enhanced gameplay.

I'm not saying the rocky launch was excusable, but maybe you should try the game as it is now before saying nobody cares and nobody supports it.

famoussasjohn1527d ago

This may be the free DLC that they were asking everyone what maps they'd like if this was going to happen, also asking what guns the community would like back in the game.

Majin-vegeta1528d ago

Wheren the hell have people been??This was about a 3 months or so ago they did ask what maps we wanted to see if there was a 6th DLC.

famoussasjohn1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Yep, tiggr, the main guy behind CTE may be pushing for free DLC to compensate for the issues and had asked this - David Sirland @tiggr_ · Aug 26 If you got to choose - new maps, remade "classics" or a combination?

DxTrixterz1528d ago

If this is 6th DLC then it better be free.

Bossmon1527d ago

where have you been? nothing is free in this world anymore

1527d ago
Donkey8881527d ago

Ah, you mean like the mushroom cloud dog tag that meant there was going to be a nuke in Final Stand? If that's all you got, there is no evidence at all of a 6th dlc.