Holiday console guide 2014: Xbox One

If you’re looking for a great gift for a gamer, the Xbox One has become a tantalizing option this year.

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etownone1530d ago

I think if you trade in your old 360 for a $100 credit, use the MS code for 5% Off... And get the Xbox One Bundle that includes a game.

You end up paying like $225 for a brand new Xbox One with a game.

That's just too good a deal for anyone to pass up. I already sent in my old 360 to have another XB1 in my home.

Thefreeman0121530d ago

Thats what I did and I am very happy about it

Deep-throat1530d ago

Inferior multiplats and timed exclusives. Ugh.

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qwerty6761530d ago

"Inferior multiplats and timed exclusives. Ugh."

you must not like ps4 then either