Coming to Nintendo eShop This Week for Wii U

Stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – releasing this week on Nintendo eShop for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

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Xof1531d ago

The Internet is a big place. This article should NOT have been approved since both headline and body text fail to specify which eshop.

Its the U.K. eshop, by the way.

Nevers0ft1531d ago

As much as I agree that it would be nice for the headline or body to include which eShop the article pertains to, you have to give it credit for at least being legible English - which in itself is an improvement over a lot of articles on N4G :P

1noobgamer1531d ago

Being a UK/US based site we do try and keep a good level of English :)

jackanderson19851531d ago

in all fairness there are plenty of articles listing US stores (without specifying the name of said store) that say "TLOU half price this week" or something along those lines... it's rare it happens a UK store

darthv721531d ago

I keep hoping that the next "coming to the eshop" post will be the one with 90's arcade racer in it.

I'll just keep on patiently waiting.