Guinness World Records Crowns Call of Duty As Best Game Series

IGN: "Activision’s first-person shooter Call of Duty franchise beat out Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Pokémon and The Elder Scrolls for the best ever video game series by Guinness World Records."

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slinky1234561531d ago

By what sales? Don't do music GWR, PLEASE DON'T DO MUSIC!

freshslicepizza1531d ago

dont sales kind of dictate what the mainstream public is interested in?

Bansai1530d ago

No, just no, I refuse to accept this.

Foehammer1530d ago

Yes they do, especially when put into perspective.

Interestingly I only see exclusives for Nintendo and Xbox in the top ten.

dantesparda1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Well according to all the clowns that say that Ryse has the best graohics just because of SIGGRAPH's said so (read:OPINION not fact!) then by that logic, it means that means COD is the best game series out there. Let this be a lesson to you, opinions aint facts.

And Forhammer being a fanboy and spreading lies and misinformation as usual. TLOU, GOW, Metal Gear, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Crash Bandicoot, GTA, and GT are all on there, yet you claim otherwise? Talk about not caring about your credibility (even though you never had any).

HurtfulTimez1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Erm no not really they dont it just dictates how good the advertising was... ahem wii sports for example, how many people are really interested in wii sports now? whereas alot of people are still interested in COD, FF, GT, Halo which all had a game released around the time of wii sports release. So that logic your using is well off

@Foehammer erm no Halo was the one game in that list the majority was multiplats can you read?

List is a joke too Gran turismo series has sold more than 70million halo is 58million

ShinMaster1530d ago

So Wii Play and Wii Sports are the best games ever, then?


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Fishy Fingers1531d ago

Concluded using an online poll.

We should conduct a poll of how many users read before posting...

ChronoJoe1530d ago

Yeah it's funny how people will speculate and ask questions that are answered in the article. Almost as if they've forgot the articles exist, using N4G as some sort of headline monitoring service.

Spenok1530d ago

My question is. How do you name something completely based on opinion as fact? As that's what this is? Also, when did they start naming things that weren't accomplishments in their books?

This is stupid. This argument shouldn't be about what game deserves the title more than CoD, but why they're naming the best game series ever in the first place. Everything else they have in their book can't be argued. Since that person actually did something to get in the book, and no one else has ever done better than them.

rainslacker1530d ago

Guinness does a lot of opinion based stuff nowadays. I guess people just don't care about facts anymore.

If they had done this record based off sales, then it couldn't be contested...although COD wouldn't have won. I believe Mario as a whole would slaughter everything.


In 2008 FFVII beat out Gran Turismo for best selling single game.


Those were the first couple results on google, don't care to look further though. have to get back to work soon.:)

Scenarist1530d ago

Yall have to give credit where credit is due!

TBH COD deserves it , not just based on sales numbers .. we have all enjoyed the COD series (I have since the first COD), and I hate to admit it but it just might be my most played series of ALL TIME.

Even if there are better games out there (and I have played plenty of better games) , Its something about pwning you noobs year after year that just keeps me come back ...idk but yea.

Tempest3171530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

The entire concept is misleading..."BEST SELLING" and "BEST" are two totally different things, and one of them is ENTIRELY should definitely be "Best Selling", as I don't think a poll of roughly 5000 people is really worthy to claim something as the best.

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infinitewords1531d ago

I actually like Call of Duty, but best game series, really? There are far better game series that deserve that title. I don't even know what to think about this, and my brain hurts trying to comprehend it.

Hellsvacancy1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

There are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaar better games than COD, I could understand if it was Grand Theft Auto, but COD????

What little respect I had for the GWR has now completely gone outta the window

IrishSt0ner1531d ago

I suppose reading works:

"More than 5,000 fans of the book from 140 countries across the world took to an online poll to vote for their favourite games, and the top 50 record-breaking games were featured in the book. Call of Duty came out on top, right on cue for this week’s release..."

Hellsvacancy1530d ago

I read it, otherwise I wouldn't of commented, so I don't see what your point is

IrishSt0ner1530d ago

My point is the public put COD first, not GWR.

Themba761531d ago

man what has happened to gaming im mean come on Cod best series LOL. more like worst series.

Clown_Syndr0me1531d ago

Yeah the sales definitely scream "worst series ever made"...

deafdani1530d ago

First, sales aren't indicative of actual quality.

Second, there are other series that actually sell more than Call of Duty.

The93Sting1530d ago

sales does not justify a "good" series.

a good series should be Uncharted, GTA, Telltale games, Halo, Gran Turismo. etc. but COD? no comment..

Blank1530d ago

FOOL! Im sorry I had to imitate the excaliber sword from soul eater with your comment. But no oh hell no there are better RPG retro games that can beat call of duty with ease what it is, is the ease of progression and feeling of superiority in COD that does it as for a game that truly make you work for it (im not naming it) is not in consideration im sorry to but guiness you measured this wrong im sorry your ignorant at measuring a true game for the ages for me as a sensitive subject this is all im saying is that ATLEAST! Chrono trigger deserves this title mainstream/noob collector status (screw the pricetag for snes version it worth every penny)

Clown_Syndr0me1530d ago

I didn't say its the best now did I? Simply that its not the worst.
Anyway irs all a matter of opinion. If you asked 1000 completely randomly selected gamers from all backgrounds and agds what they prefer, Call of Duty or say Chrono Trigger what do you think the result would be?
If its not by majority vote, how else can you judge these things?
Stop with the "my opinion is more valid than everyone else" attitude.

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DirtyMagician1531d ago

“More than 5,000 fans of the book from 140 countries across the world took to an online poll to vote for their favourite games, and the top 50 record-breaking games were featured in the book,”

That's still not enough people to claim it to be the best game series.

Blank1530d ago


pompombrum1531d ago

Next time they hold a poll, we all need to come together and get Goat Simulator voted top!

Blank1530d ago

Serious #%^* at least metal gear deserves this more considering the quality of the game from famicom to know hell metal gear goes back a bit more aside that COD does not have tenure of atlease bubble bobble if anyone is vet enough to know whats up with bub and bob to me these games are the minimum in these stupid placement of all time lists. Lastly its me just saying but indies have better games at this catagory than COD!!!

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