The gaming platform pecking order is changing

MWEB GameZone Writes: "The gaming platform pecking order is changing. Consoles used to be on top of the world as the preferred platform to game on.

However, PC gaming has made a comeback. The PC is now the leading gaming platform and continues to grow at a rapid pace globally, but not in every country. The question is if PC gaming will remain king or if consoles will relive their glory days."

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Watari3211534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

At least this article got it right. IT is amazing how you made the Xbox Controller take the most space we all know which is the most important one. X Box continues to drive the american economy in 2014 and will surge in 2015 with hit titles such as Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Quantum Break and many more. Xbox will continue to outshine the competition in fun.

Sillicur1534d ago

Haha, well i am the author of this article and i do not agree with you at all :) Yeh the image shows xbox one controller more than the rest...thats about it dude.

The pecking order in terms of consoles for me goes like this. PS4 > Xbox One > WII

freshslicepizza1534d ago

for me its pc> ps3> ps4> xbox one> wii u.

mikeslemonade1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Consoles still drive the most revenue. With PC there's more stakeholders. These games are a business first and how I judge the pecking order is sales. That's the criteria I'm using. With PC there's many companies making the hardware and software.

And it's easy to pick your "punches". Once the consoles mature the pecking order will normalize again. It's just very easy to downplay consoles on the death of a generation and then new consoles launching. With 2015's game lineup and X1's aggressive pricing it will reign over the PC.

Joey_Leone1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

LOL face palm @watari321

madmonkey011534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

xbox will sit in third place for the third generation in a row maybe second if wii u continues to struggle.

Benchm4rk1534d ago

Actually the Orginal Xbox (24 Million) outsold the Gamecube (21 Million) and took 2nd place behind the PS2 (155 Million). So 2nd that gen 3rd the next and currently 3rd this gen.

madmonkey011534d ago

thanks, i thought the game cube did better than that actually!

Kribwalker1534d ago

Even last gen is also debatable. The 360 hit 80 million last October before the PS3 hit 80 million in November. The 360 also continues to sell well. And by market share lost alone, the PS3 was the loser last gen as the PS2 hit 150 million sales and the PS3 is just over 80 million. That is like a loss of 40% market share.

madmonkey011534d ago

not really debatable, even VGcharts cant spin it to like like 360 on top, even with the 1 year, (or 18month) headstart.

it was outsold every year ps3 has been on the market.

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styferion1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Nope, outside NA and UK XB1 isn't competitive at all. In Asia and majority of EU countries the only one buying XB1 is extremely loyal fan or multiple console owners.

Oh and it's first-hand experience, recently living in Europe and currently in Asia. The world don't only consist of US you know.
In Asia countries (China, Korea, South East Asian countries) more people have gaming PC than consoles, especially in China where professional gamers often regarded as celebrity, true story. While in Europe don't be surprised to see much much more PSN players than XBL in your neighborhood.

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Kevlar0091534d ago

One of the alluring aspects for me about PC's is the ability to stream. You already have a $800 PC for gaming, why not spend some more and be able to stream games and potentially make money off of it?. PC's will always have a major thing going for them, in they are more than just game or media consoles. All of Microsoft Office, the ability to write computer programs, and the millions of applications you can use to create content.

If your PC can handle major games it can handle just about anything. The number of games available to PC's far outweigh home consoles as well.

Sillicur1534d ago

Definately agreed! The PC, if you have one capable of playing the latest games, is far superior.

Steam futher elevates the PC to an assortment of games the consoles can just never reach, they have thousands more to just catch up on.

What is your feeling in terms of Mouse+keyboard versus a console controller? I think the M+K is far superior.

Volkama1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Disagree on kb/mouse vs controller. I use both, it really depends on the game.

kb/mouse is way more fun for FPS games, particularly when they're designed for speed. More fun for RTS games as well, and sometimes it's really nice to have the full keyboard at your fingertips for communication.

But a controller is better for action/adventure games, racing games, fighting games. It is also simplicity, comfort, and convenience for couch gaming.

Fortunately you can use both on the PC< so it's still the ultimate platform if you have the money and desire to invest in the best experience.

VVgamer4lifeVV1534d ago

I think we are forgetting a crucial element when comparing consoles and PC. And that's the plug and play experience. The more we advance in tech, the more we get use to the ease of devices doing things for us, making life simple and dumber in some aspects. If PC wants to dominate the consoles they have to approach gaming as a plug and play experience.

Volkama1534d ago

VVgamer I was playing around with my PC yesterday and set it so that it boots straight into Steam Big Picture mode. I can just hit one button, pick up a controller, and place my arse on the couch. The interface stands up well to the consoles.

PCs won't match the simplicity of consoles, but if you are enthusiastic about gaming then the PC can pretty much be whatever you want it to be.

CongoKyle1534d ago

TIL consoles were the preferred gaming platforms. I always assumed PC was number 1, and consoles were Christmas presents.

Sillicur1534d ago

Hahahah unwanted xmas presents like socks from your grandma

Inzo1534d ago

Whats this thing about Console gaming making a comeback? Dumbest comment ever, when the PS4 is selling better than the PS3 did at the same time in its life cycle.

Sillicur1534d ago

Even so, the PC outgrew consoles at a higher pace. Its about total gaming platform choice

Inzo1534d ago

In what sense, nothing in that statement can be justified. I have not come across one PC exclusive that will make me and many others swap a console for PC and if visuals are justification enough for you then there are millions PC gamers who game exclusively for great graphics and nothing more which means PC gamers aren't true gamers at all.

beerzombie1534d ago

Both consoles are ahead of were they were with the last generation. The only one that is not is the Wii u and it's doing great with fantastic software too.

Volkama1534d ago

Look at calendar years, not console lifecycles. It isn't so dumb when you look at it in those terms. PCs boomed in the 2 or 3 years prior to the new consoles launching.

ATi_Elite1534d ago

The PC just offers more and has a better customization factor. Better ONLINE social aspect and a ton of games are gamer driven.

Like I always say consoles have their place but their whole business model is basically following after the pc but in a neat one size fits all package.

I prefer the unique Pc Exclusives mods Pc gamer Dev relationship hardware customization and the experience I get from gaming.

To each his own

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