Black Desert - New Screenshots Show Gorgeous Visuals

Enjoy some new screenshots from Pearl Abyss’ upcoming MMORPG, showing the Ranger class.

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Spore_7771530d ago

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Such a shame I can't play it.

hkgamer1530d ago

character proportions looks all wrong.

seems like they all have a super long neck or something. cant figure it out atm but it just looks wrong.

nagalaga311529d ago

It's the legs, they're too long.

Ristul1529d ago

...and the heads too small (but hey, it's fantasy)

Agent_hitman1529d ago

This is one of the best PC game that I have been waiting for, maybe the release would be next year? I'm living in Asia and I'm really sure that we are the first to try this game before they release this to the west.

ATi_Elite1529d ago

Graphics are great and the game play has improved a lot.

Only thing needed is lots of content on a steady pace.

Gonna be an excellent mmorpg

Conzul1529d ago

Thought it was Yuna for a sec :P