Enthusiacs Today: Super Smash Bros Wii U Console Bundle Rumors

Vernon disccuses a rumor that Nintendo may be creating some very special for consumers. By the image that was found on Reddit, do you think it’s true?

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Snookies121532d ago

If this bundle happens... I might just need to get a Wii U. I'm focused on getting a PS4 in the next month or two, so that'll come first (considering a good deal of my friends have one.) However, after that... I'm definitely thinking about grabbing up a Wii U. A lot of fun games already out, and plenty coming in the near future.

Ilovetheps41531d ago

I believe that this picture has been proven as being fake for a variety of reasons. One being that the ride side of the box art is the exact same as the original deluxe system. Also the box art for the game is from the old box art for Smash.