Destiny: The GunSmith Selling Rare Fusion Rifles, Easiest Way To Do Pocket Infinity Exotic Bounty

For those who want to know what is so special about "Fusion Rifles" that the Gunsmith is selling: "The Pocket Infinity exotic bounty requires dismantling 10 rare or better fusion rifles, and this is by far the easiest way to do it. But the only issue is that Gunsmith sells them every once in a while."

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kparks1534d ago

The pocket infinity is complete garbage after the patch! Not even worth obtaining.

Elwenil1534d ago

Agreed. It went from a full auto fusion rifle with a small magazine to basically a burst fire fusion rifle with a reload between bursts. My Light/Beware is much more useful.

NewMonday1534d ago

got it post patch and love it, can't imagine how it would be with 8 bullets. also have LBW.

kparks1534d ago

Ive got the void version of light beware its pretty awesome.

Drithe1534d ago

I disagree, my friend. I think it is still very powerful against those weak to fire. Remember, you still get off 3 very powerful shots very fast. Sometimes you actually get 4 off, but that may be from lag or a bug or something.

I realize that after the nerf, it is no where near as deadly. I mean, getting off 8 shots in 3 seconds or so was awesome. You could literally take down Phogon (From The Pit Strike) in a minute or 2.

But it is still very powerful. I maxed it out and it still does tons of damage to the enemies. The reload could use some tweaking but I still like it.

Now we only get 3 shots. Sucks compared to what it was, but maybe they could up the damage it does per hit.

They really need to work on the Thorn hand cannon and add more damage to it or something. :)

slinky1234561534d ago

The thing is the Charge time is so much longer than other fusion rifles. The clip is too small and the range is so little. They made a great gun that truly was exotic into a gun worse than a rare. Think of it this way, you can take a regular fusion rifle and get a one shot kill in mp easier than the post nerf pocket infinity. I know cause I've switched back to the regular fusion rifles and dominate much better that way, just about the same as PI before nerf. It just made my time getting PI feel worthless getting this nerf a couple days after getting it.

NewMonday1534d ago

I out gunned regular fusion rifle users regularly, just let them get their shot off before I start spraying.

kparks1534d ago

The problem is it was fine how it was the firepower compensated the ridiculous charge time, i easily outgunned people trying to use this fusion rifle with the light beware, but yeah if u miss your first burst your pretty much done but its a exotic it should be a little op

JeffGUNZ1533d ago

They need to stop nerfing these exotics. They are the rare guns of the game, they SHOULD be stronger!