8 Games we are Most Waiting For

GamingStairs: This list will be centered on the main 8 titles we are most anticipating having a go at. Keeping in mind it honestly may appear as an off time to present such an accumulation, given late drops like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, trust us when we say there are all that could possibly be needed other energizing recreations to examine that are situated to release through the following six months or somewhere in the vicinity

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KnightRiders1530d ago

Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne this game definitely rocks 2015.

Physco1530d ago

Hype of Bloodborne is on its peak but i hope this game will not disappoint us like Watch Dogs

GamingAddiction1530d ago

Why you people think watch dogs is a disappointment? do you have any single reason to prove it

Stupid1530d ago

I am just looking for GTA V for PC, my machine is roaring...

Daredavil1530d ago

Love to see No Man’s Sky and LittleBigPlanet 3 in this list. my most awaited games

NukaCola1530d ago

Yes! I am ready for LBP3. I love those games.

Jason_Plays_PC1530d ago

Dying light and dead island 2 for co op and dragon age and far cry 4 for SP.

s45gr321530d ago

No Man's Sky for me is a hotly waiting title along with the long dark,the forest, darkwood, etc. which are still in early access Aaargh

Special-Agent-Milo1530d ago

2.Resident Evil REmastered
3.No Man's Sky

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