PS4 Dominates TGS Visitors’ Purchasing Intentions with 23.1%; 10.4% Want a Wii U, 5.9% an Xbox One

The Japanese Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association released the results of the Tokyo Game Show Visitors Survey Report, and it included the purchasing intentions for home and portable consoles polled among those that attended.

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Concertoine1531d ago

Not surprising, Sony was the only one at TGS with much of a presence. MS had some games there but nothing catered to the Japanese, and Nintendo doesn't even attend TGS.

bouzebbal1531d ago

PS4 is the hot device right now but still a flop so far in Japan due to lack of games available for the japanese market.
Wii U will win this holiday season in Japan with heavy hitters like SSB, Captain Toad...

Concertoine1531d ago

The fact that this is Wii U's third christmas running and PS4's first will hurt its chances. It definitely had a lot more software for Japan this year and nintendo consoles always get the biggest boost around the holidays, so there's still a chance.

UltimateMaster1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Ouch, it's that chart is true, then don't bet on Xbox One outselling the Wii U anytime soon.
Oh, japan, never-mind.

Volkama1531d ago

And it's a fairly shockingly low set of numbers. Add all those up (which you shouldn't cos there will be a lot of overlap), and it's still less than i'd expect. This is the audience at a gaming show, and most of them don't want a console...

ajax171531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Not exactly surprising for the Xbox One. Hell, I'm kinda surprised it's at 5% considering it's been two months since it launched there. I figured it'd be even lower than that.

Concertoine1531d ago

i imagine a lot of the attendees of TGS are hardcore gamers and collectors that would buy the xbone even if it has little incentive.

KiritoFlynn1530d ago

I don't agree. I been on xbox360 since day one. My dad and I are switching to the PS4. His will be arriving from UPS tomorrow and I will be getting my PS4 Black Friday.

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Geekman1528d ago

Really a shame. Sunset Overdrive and the Master Chief collection seem awesome, while the only Ps4 exclusive coming out soon is LBP3. Not that LBP isn't great, it is, but seriously, that's it for PS4 exclusives. I know I'll be killed for saying this, but as a Ps4 user, I think the Xbox One deserves the win this Holiday season.

Then again, it is Japan......

KingIsBackBaby1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Not surprising.


That xbone figure appears exaggerated.

llxKonanxll1531d ago

Good News for Playstation!

beastModeOn1531d ago

And bad news for competition.

benji1011530d ago

There are already 2 million wii u consoles in Japan. Only 700 000 ps4s. Most of the wii u owners dont go to otaku fests. like TGS.

Spotie1530d ago

Sit, Benji. Bad dog.

How long has the Wii U been out again?

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The story is too old to be commented.