Far Cry 4 Review Embargo Lifts at 9am PST on November 14

IGN's Mitch Dyer has revealed that Far Cry 4's review embargo lifts at 9am PST on November 14, so gamers can expect the first flood of reviews to appear a few days before the game's release.

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tombraiders1531d ago

Excellent! Its always good when embargoes go up before a games release date. Ubisoft must be quite confident! I think we are in for a good game!

TheWatercooler1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Exactly. They must be very confident if the reviews are up 4 days before release. It makes me concerned about AC Unity though.


Cool. I enjoy the AC games. Glad you think it is good

Shakalak1531d ago

Don't worry got AC unity about 17 hours in now I personally loving it . At first wasn't sure but when the game got going it's pretty amazing.
Story I think the most interesting one in series
Graphics really good some parts with the good lighting mind blowing
Gameplay combat is pretty much the same, AI much more tougher this tome around , more emphasis on stealth gameplay, I personally think it makes the game much more interesting
Mission structure miiiiiiillllllleeeeeesssss better than previous AC games , more tactical , and more varied.
If u like AC I'm sure u wouldn't be disuse pointed at all. Unless u want pirates and ship battle u b let dwn :p

Palitera1531d ago

^ no stealth missions on effin boats this time, right???

Ok, there's no boats. What would be equivalent?

Hmmm. No stealth missions holding a giant flag pole with a head impaled on the top, riiight?

ShinoBro1531d ago

Does anyone know if Uplay does midnight releases?

gangsta_red1531d ago

Far Cry 3 was an excellent game. I have no doubt that this will be just as good as part 3. I watched the commercial over the weekend and wow did I get excited.

I'll tell you one person that did not get bank account.

bigboss19901531d ago

I agree with tombraiders up there. I'm suspicious about companies that don't release review copy's of the game before release. So I'm glad there confident with this game it looks brilliant will be buying far cry 4 on ps4 :P

Eidolon1531d ago

Maybe they're not as confident about ACU?

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