22% Tokyo Game Show Visitors has a Wii U, 17% a PS4, 2.6% an Xbox One, 3DS & PSP Dominate Portables

The Japanese Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association published the results of the Tokyo Game Show Visitors Survey Report, giving a nice bird-eye view on what consoles are owned and played by the visitors of the most important Japanese trade show.

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Sly-Lupin1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

That doesn't seem surprising: the WiiU has been pout longer and has more big exclusives, and the PS4 continues to ride high on a monumental level of hype and hope.

The Vita v. PSP dynamic is seriously wonky. Evidently Sony is doing something very wrong with their handhelds.

Joey_Leone1530d ago

That's because most of the games currently on the Vita don't appeal to the western audience, the Vita needs GTA, Twisted Metal and syphon filter, the games that made the PSP successful.

Protagonist1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I bought a PSP close to its launch. It was considered (as usual) a failure by everyone who didn´t own the system. These days the PSP is suddenly concidered a succes, which certenly was not the case until recently (trust me on this), but that is what "free" games does to a system.

Anyway, as an oldtime PSP gamer and a launch PS Vita owner, one thing is for certain. Gaming and games compared to the PSP on the Vita, is on another level.
The quality in games like Killzone, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Freedom Wars, P4G, LBP, Danganronpa, Soul Sacrifice etc. compared to how games and gaming were like on the PSP, makes the PS Vita freaking amazing.

It is not about appealing the western gamers.
No, so called gamers has been spreading bad press about the PS Vita since its launch, even though the system is amazing and got equally amazing games.

Septic1530d ago


The psp is considered a success?

lelo2play1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

The PSP (hardware) was successfully because it could be hacked. As for the PSP software (number of games that had decent sales), PSP was a failure.

Sly-Lupin1530d ago

..Except handhelds have never had (or needed) much in the way of Western support, and--more importantly we're discussing the Japanese market here.

If I had to guess at the Vita's problem, ignoring the software and pricey peripherals, I'd say its chief problem is failing to offer PSP owners a reason to buy it in the first place. Ultimately, the dynamic is a result of Sony not wanting to support the Vita fully because to do so would be at the expense of the still-selling-well PSP. They should have made the UMD upgrade program universal and cheap. Yeah, it would make secondhand UMDs worthless, but it would have convinced many PSP owners to upgrade. And the digital b/c should have been 100%. And, of course, the massively overpriced proprietary memory cards were a terrible idea from day 1.

The Vita was a mess when it launched: its OS was (and aside from a few minor improvements, still is) a massive downgrade from the XMB; it had a model that could use mobile networks but no actual phone functionality; it had very few Vita games, could play only a small fraction of PSP games, and not any PS1 games; it required very expensive peripherals; It was also facing an incumbent handheld in the 3DS that was cheaper, had a big library of its own games, complete backwards compatibility, and a more functional UI. And it could use cheap-as-hell SD cards for memory expansion.

The Vita continues to flounder because Sony has ignored every one of those problems, and are even repeating several of them with the PS4.

Concertoine1529d ago

Is 80+ million considered a failure?

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Watari3211530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

The Japanese wouldn't know what a good console was if it hit them in the face. The Xbox One all in one entertainment system by Microsoft Corp. is the greatest invention since the water cooler. Xbox will take over the world.

The Japanese are used to casual trash like all those F2P Mobile titles.

llxKonanxll1530d ago

It can’t even take over America. So ok.

MeliMel1530d ago

Your right its not overtaken America but the purchase intentions is alot higher than 2.6%. Btw, since when have the Japanese supported Xbox consoles? This is old recycled news for new gen.

Apex131530d ago

Considering they were probably built there I doubt your ignorant comment. Also, they seem to rake gaming more seriously over there, to the point it's a part of everyday life and a competitive sport.

Not everyone is about raw power because the games do matter and come first to a lot of people there.

I wonder if you would know a good console if it smacked you in your face HARD!

deadpools_n641530d ago

I'm getting the idea nobody was surprised. They should be. It's the first time I've seen an article with xbox, wiiu and ps4 in the title with no mention of war or resolution or frame rates. He'll I'm shocked the wiiu made it into the main article heading. Just saying. I'm surprised

Sly-Lupin1530d ago

The key information here is not how many people had whichever console, but rather how many people didn't have ANY console. Even if we assume there is NO crossover, that's only half of the attendees owning ANY current generation home console.

benji1011529d ago

Well, a lot of gamers in Japan are still on PS3.

gigoran1530d ago

Just an FYI to the poster or website the story is from (whoever made the picture)

The background image of the Imperial Japanese flag, while still in use on some commercial products, is considered controversial in countries like Korea and China and the use of it is deemed offensive. If you were going to make a story related to Japan you should refrain from using that image.

Xof1530d ago

Its essentially equivalent to flying a NAZI flag to discuss current hardware sales in Germany.