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This past weekend, Ubisoft let loose its Beta for the upcoming game The Crew. I had the chance to get my hands on one of those keys and played a lot of it. Now, I’ll start by saying i am not a racing game professional but I understand what is needed for these type of games to work properly. So with that said, let’s go hands on with The Crew Beta. Please do keep in mind, there might be some spoilers below.

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SSmoke1532d ago

The Beta was decent, the driving isn't suppose to be a simulator but it reminded me of a Grid/NFS_shift type of racer.. I give the beta 75 out of 100, I think it can only go up..

creeping judas1532d ago

I personally cannot believe how huge the map is!

eddieistheillest1532d ago

The game is fun . I honestly wasn't interested i it until i downloaded the beta. Now I'm gonna pick it up.