The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask N64/3DS Comparison

Kane Bugeja of SnapThirty writes:

So by now you’ve all heard the news and are eagerly prepping your 3DS to handle one of the darker instalments in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Good ol’ Termina, that dying world of sadness, fear and time limits. A real holiday destination. That being said, you may notice a difference or two since the last time you visited, a visual upgrade if you will. Curious? I thought so, so too did the folks at ninten2tv who uploaded some handy comparison videos. So check out what 15 years can do. Such as making the moon even creepier than it was before.

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TheLyonKing1536d ago

Omega Ruby and now Majoras Mask along with smash bros that I got!

My wallet hurts.

I really want to play majora* I remember playing a lot out of ocarina on my n64 (which is still plugged in with mystical ninja in it ;) ) but I never got to play majora apart from that time at my friends house so I am so buzzing to finally own it when it comes out.

1534d ago
jjb19811534d ago

The only game I have played through 3 times...

Wonder_Punk1534d ago

Really excited for this! The colors look a lot more vibrant without taking away from the original fact I think it sells the creepy vibe more than ever.

TedCruzsTaint1534d ago

Favorite of the series, by far.