Video Games I'm Thankful For (Part 8)

illgrillchill writes: "The next chapter in the “Video Games I’m Thankful For” series goes back to the original Game Boy. It featured a popular cartoon character and offered painfully simple gameplay. Let’s see if you guessed correctly:"

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Fullmetalevolust2449d ago

I really like this series, there are a lot of games I am grateful for, from different gaming generations.

illgrillchill2449d ago

Thanks a lot! The idea came into my head in October so I knew I had to do it. And yes, there are a lot of games across the span of its existence that I'm thankful for.

JimmyDM902449d ago

Just the sight of that old Pokemon cartridge fills me with nostalgia. I remember going to Best Buy and paying for the OG Pokemon game with 30$ in coins and one dollar bills.

Fullmetalevolust2449d ago

That comment made me smile :)
I used to put aside pennies,quarters and the likes just to buy games 'cause my parents would only buy them for birthdays and holidays.
A boy gotta game year long! lol

illgrillchill2449d ago

I did that with Pokemon cards. After a while the workers saw me and knew that they'd be counting for a while.