Check Out These Custom Design PlayStation 4 Controllers

Today Custom Controllers UK have announced a second batch of new releases. Custom Controllers UK offer an extended PS4 range with 13 new designs. A further third release will be added to their website next week.

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swishersweets200311530d ago

some of these hydro dipped graphics on these controllers are pretty neat. I knew they had different colored after market sticks and buttons, but kinda cool to see they have other colors for the touch pad now. Might check out ebay and gets some controller bling.

Yo Mama1529d ago

SOS we've seen on pretty much every other custom controller website. C'mon, where are the truly original ideas for controllers?

MeteorPanda1529d ago

l feel sometimes that l'm the only fan of the black back and coloured front.

My magma red controller > customs imo

I SAID IMO! time for people t reply that l'm wrong and downvotes

mike_honcho1529d ago

scuf controllers are the only way to go in my opinion.. these are cool but all these, buttons, colors and designs are offered through scuf.. along with customizable analog sticks and a d-pad.. and the paddles are insanely useful..

hadouken0071529d ago

When they start putting character designs instead of that abstract crap then they can be called custom controllers.