Five Best Shields in Gaming

Hardcore Gamer: The cornerstone of a strong offense is a solid defense – that’s a lesson that’s been hammered into our heads as far back as Zelda. For every great sword, there’s always been a shield to match. These five shields are the best the medium has to offer.

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joab7771529d ago

What about the initial Halo shield, a reason to introduce regeneration health.

urwifeminder1529d ago

Bubble shield comes to mind saved me on many occasion.

Blank1528d ago

Oh man I love people that mention bubble shield im not going to lie but the whole fact hat bubble does damage and protect, you just cant beat that combo!

Perjoss1528d ago

I'm loving the look of Reinhardt in Overwatch, melee class in an FPS with a huge shield that other players can stand behind. Really cant wait to play this.

wonderfulmonkeyman1528d ago

What about Nayru's Love?
Timed invulnerability at the cost of no using magic, but all other attacks and abilities are available during that time.
Boss crusher? I'd say so.