A Game About Wrecking Your House To Hunt Down A Fly

Siliconera: imagine it: you come back home after a few years travelling, looking to kick back, relax, and settle back into those familiar walls. “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt.” What’s that? Oh, it’s a fly in your house, ruining your moment of peace and quiet.

This is the point that Fly In The House wants you to, frankly, go nuts. You should do everything in all your destructive power to obliterate that pesky fly. It turns out that mostly involves flinging furniture around to smash, well, everything.

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Eonjay1534d ago

You know, there are easier ways lol.

Fullmetalevolust1534d ago

sure, but for the purpose of a video game, easier isn't always the most fun! I'd throw the whole house upside down to kill that fly! lol jk

Bigpappy1534d ago

I have already done this in real life. No fly gets to live in home. And I am no breathing bug spray to kill one fly either. So I try and keep damage to a minimum. Could be a fun game if they create a smart fly that you have to out smart.