Ongoing Destiny Review Part 2 - Up To Level 26

Clipping Error gives a second part to his review of Destiny having played up until level 26, he covers key game aspects, as well as story comments that seem to match the general opinion.

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Illusive_Man1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Simply an okay game that deserves no higher than a 7. If one is completely honest it's about a 6.5.

TRD4L1fe1531d ago

8.5/10 in my eyes. The game is a whole lot of fun

Panzerkanzler1531d ago

I give the game 4.5 or 10. It's pretty but that's it. It's void of meaning and story and the dialogues are often times as if written by a brain dead offence to hamsters btw.

Tex1171531d ago

Really, you can quit playing the game once you play and clear the raid...overachievers can clear hard mode.

That bit of content (if you can manage without the bugs) is outstanding.

The rest...Well, I mean the gunplay is solid...Teaming up with friends is solid...The rest is irritating beyond words.

itisallaboutps1531d ago

The game is a 6.5 the only reason we play a lot is because we gamble with our time for a crappy exotic.