Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Problem is Highlighted by Next Gen GTA Announcement

With another year of 'the same old Call of Duty', one scarcely needs to be Michael Pachter to know the series feels tired. This year though, the sheer half arsed work ethic of the team behind the year's 'biggest entertainment' release is exemplified by the huge leap Rockstar's new-gen port of GTA V will be. Respawn babble on inanely about it a bit inside to the appeal of nobody whatsoever.

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PainUzumaki1530d ago

Well it was fun while it lasted....lot of ppl are going to be playing GTA 5 next week. CODAW was ok but it gets boring really fast

Sashamaz1529d ago

I guess this means all fps games have a problem, used to like Battlefield until gta tacky first person view destroyed it /s

deadpools_n641530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

So what does this mean for the halo collection. Has a fps style gta stolen a Lil of its thunder. Peoples wallets are only so deep ya know

kevnb1530d ago

I think advanced warfare is a good game...

JetsFool35001529d ago

Its not a bad game its just not better than GTA

Predaking771530d ago

Avance Warfare is a good game but with the lag compensation problems, it is almost impossible to play the multiplayer.

I'm just playing the campaign. Will not play the multiplayer until is fixed if ever. This is the last time I fall for a COD. There is always going to be a problem.

shloobmm31530d ago

I agree. The lag compensation is outrageous. Most Final Killcams are hilarious to watch after what you have seen before in the game.However when the game is right it is a blast and far from the same ol call of duty.

quenomamen1529d ago

If I had a nickel for everytime I read that comment on N4G.

JustInTlME1530d ago

All this guy does is try to use a bunch of big words to sound cool and intelligent.

I'm not defending Cod because it's not a great game, but the beauty of it all is, if you don't like it DONT BUY IT!!!

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