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Avoiderdragon: Call of Duty: Ghosts was more or less a low point for Activision’s cash cow, having sold much less than expected and with a crowd that have become more or less jaded by the annual releases and the same old same old. It’s time to set the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality aside and come up with something fresher. That must have been what the higher ups in Activision had in mind when they had Sledgehammer Games make this.

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edgarohickman1531d ago

Since I am going to skip Battlefield Hardline, should I keep playing BF4 and wait for BF5?? Or Purchase this game?

andrewsimons1531d ago

Why wait another year? Get this game and enjoy the multiplayer hours.

Stiffler1531d ago

I agree with andrew. May as well get it edgar if you want fresh content. I've only heard great things about COD AW campaign from the N4G community and I've loved every COD campaign to date but yet to try this one. I still play BF4 and there's still lots of life left in it if you need to save the cash and make do. Your call dude! :)

Unreal011531d ago

^ cod hater.

I say buy AW. I went in skeptical because of how disappointing Ghosts was, and I love this one. Sledgehammer have done a great job.

JP13691531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

You're not gonna want to wait for BF5, as it's slated for fall of 2016. I'm not a huge COD fan (haven't purchased one since MW2) but I'm enjoying the hell out of Advanced Warfighter. If you can wait until Black Friday, I'd try that, or there is a price match that your local Best Buy might accept. Here's a link to the Twitter page of Wario64, who found the deal.

And here's the ad you would have to print out.


Battlefield release date source:

Monster_Tard1530d ago

Well if your into the campaign, this one has one of the best campaign ever in COD, but imo the multiplayer isn't all that great, it plays at a faster pace due the ability to jump higher and dash around using the exo suits, but after the fun of that wears off it gets a little boring. There isn't as many weapons and gadgets to choose from as there were in past games and none of the multiplayer maps are very likeable. It also has a Co-op mode, but it feels kinda generic, you just kill waves of the same old enemies on multiplayer maps.

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Tom871531d ago

Reviews look good. will purchase this game during BF.

JP13691531d ago

You might be able to pick it up for $30 right now, depending on how compliant your local Best Buy is. Check my post above.

andrewsimons1531d ago

This game is better than Ghosts.

objdadon1531d ago

I agree it's better than ghost but that's not saying much at all!!!! Lol! Modern combat is better than ghost!

Stiffler1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Still an okay review. I hope yall who picked it up this year are enjoying it. I'm gonna pick it up at christmas for the campaign mainly, is the MP okay apart from the slight lag problems popping up?

Svinya1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Yeah, MP is ok. Same old COD but with jetpacks and lasers. Titanfall does it much better. Single player is pretty good, though. I'm enjoying it a lot. It's pretty and the story is good.

DEEBO1531d ago

Titanfall mechs are fun but Cod has better gameplay. This COD is fun because of the Exo suit giving the player a chance to live.