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Palmer Sturman: Call of Duty is a franchise that has received a lot of flak over the years. Suffering from a stale formula, dated engine, and terrible campaigns, it’s been tough imagining it ever returning back to form. Enter Advanced Warfare, the latest iteration developed by Sledgehammer games. By adding faster movement, new graphics, and really cracking down on the campaign and multiplayer presentations Sledgehammer has proven that there’s still life in this series assuming developers and fans are willing to take risks.

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edgarohickman1532d ago

Is this game the best of the series?

Tom871532d ago

As a battlefield fan, I think I should give COD a try again.

u4one1532d ago

I got so freaking burned out on COD and then they just kept rinsing and repeating so I stopped buying. This release had piqued my interest so I picked it up on a whim. I am happy to report that it's actually pretty good imo. It's definitely the best COD in quite a while. Graphics are better, frame rates are buttery smooth (at least on ps4... Haven't played on X1 but I assume it's the same fps) and the campaign doesn't feel like an afterthought. Flying the drones and hoverbikes around is fun, and the exos give it some titanfall flair.

andrewsimons1532d ago

Great review, I would give the game the same rating.

paddy951532d ago

I got bored and went back to black ops 2 lol.