Gamer 2.0 reviews Arkanoid DS

Danreb Victorio reports:

''Breakout, like most other puzzle games, captivated gamers because of its simplicity. Its pick-up-and-play mechanics made it an instant hit for those who have grown tired of the usual Tetris-like block-poppers. Of course, with any successful product comes a clone that tries to be similar in every legal way possible. That's where Arkanoid comes in. But instead of just trying to be similar, Arkanoid simply ripped the idea off. The result? A game that's just the good as Breakout but with a different name, what else?

For those unfamiliar with games such as Breakout or Arkanoid, you probably have already played something similar-you just don't know it yet. The game puts you in control of a horizontal sliding bar (like the bars in pong) called a VAUS on the bottom of the screen, and you move it left and right to block an energy ball from falling out of the screen. The object of the game is to aim the energy ball to rid the screen of all the colorful blocks. Some of the blocks you bash also hold some power-ups that can help along with some that will make things a lot harder. One of the cooler power-ups include a green one that allows the ball to penetrate any wall of blocks, while one of the more annoying ones forces the ball to move as fast as possible, but at the same time-if you hit blocks at that fast rate, you get more points.''

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