Minecraft Xbox 360 – 4J Studios Tease Fireworks with Title Update 18

They have released a new teaser image for Minecraft Xbox 360 and other platforms that show fireworks. Yes, the fireworks are now going to be part of the game and it will be bundled with title update 18 lands. Players will be able to gather the necessary items to craft them and based on the ingredients that you use, you will be able to change the shape of the bursts on the sky.

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Hazmat131531d ago

not to sound like an a hole but thats it? not much is being added. after its been so long after the last big update.

Applejack1530d ago

"Fireworks are just a part of it but 4J Studios love to glorify their creations, which is why they have released a new image for this trivial update. There are horses, mules, donkeys, red stones, new enemies as well as many bug fixes coming along with the title update when it officially launches."

Either you missed it in the article or you just read the title.

Hazmat131530d ago

i saw the whole thing. but i guess i thought with Microsoft buy the property they would have a huge team dedicated to add more to it. to be on par with PC