343i Reacts to Halo 5: Guardians Leak; Give Info on Combat and Encourage to Play It; Reveal Tomorrow

The leak of Halo 5: Guardians footage happened earlier today has caused quite the storm within the community, and 343 Industries Studio Heads Bonnie Ross and Josh Holmes chimed in to give more information and encourage fans to play before they judge.

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-Foxtrot3238d ago

"No penalty to hip fire in H5, no movement penalty when scoping/zooming, no flinch. Tune in for the beta gameplay reveal at #HaloFest Monday"

That's calmed me a little bit but we'll see, plus descope will be coming back

Still think sprint will ruin it. Some guy on Gaf said it best

"- Tends to be accompanied by a lowering of base movement speed (vs. a game with no sprint mechanic) in order to draw a clearer contrast between sprinting and walking.

- Changes combat loop from "run and gun" to "run or gun"

- Allows players a "get out of jail free card" from combat if they're caught out of position or try to make a bad challenge

- Turns players with sword/hammer into gods, and allows for too many "sprint and smack" instakills with melee

- Pretty much destroys any classic/remade maps that weren't made with sprint in mind"

As I've said, we'll see though. We all thought the multiplayer in Halo 4 was going to be bloody amazing, then look what happened.

Abriael3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Personally, I will wait and see. I don't think any series can thrive without evolution and change, so I'll approach the beta with an open mind.

It's not like we ain't getting easy access to it anyway.

Elit3Nick3238d ago

agreed, the thing with Reach and Halo 4 was that they tried introducing too many new elements at once, now that they took out loadouts and armor abilities people can have a better feel for if sprint is a worthwhile addition to the series. I feel though like they will remove it if people don't like it, since that's the whole point of this beta.

HOLDERofFOOD3238d ago

I agree and I'll give it a chance, however, my first impression is still disappointment. I agree that games need evolution, but I wish the evolution stayed within the game's own themes rather than making an absolutely massive change like adding sprint. I think they could touch it up, improve graphics/animation, work with movement speeds and how the overall combat feels, but adding sprint juts feels out of place for Halo and it makes it feel like it's trying to be CoD. But hey, maybe without loadouts and all that other stuff (because I think those were even worse than sprint, like SO MUCH worse), it will still be awesome. Sprint has a chance I guess, but loadouts took away a lot for me.

XBLSkull3238d ago

They do proper betas with Halo so there is plenty of time for tweaking. None of this "Play the BETA 2 weeks before the game releases!" bull****. 343i will have a year to tweak the game. Most betas anymore are a joke and that is clearly no the case here.

DLConspiracy3238d ago

That's the way to be about it. The game can't stay exactly the same forever. It has to grow a little bit. I am open to it too. If I wanted classic mode all the time I am sure they could just put classic in the game type.

4Sh0w3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I'm as big a Halo fan as any but I come from the school of thought that change is good WHEN ITS DONE FOR A REAL PURPOSE AND OF COURSE IMPLEMENTED CORRECTLY. So many people blast COD and other franchises for sticking to the same recipe but then they say Halo should stay exactly the same or only want cosmetic changes= that's NOT CHANGE, that's wash rinse, "add new tweaks", repeat. Halo has been around a long time, I think 343 can evolve Halo while still very much keeping the core game and reinventing Halo itself.

garrettbobbyferguson3238d ago

Evolution isn't copying every thing else out there and becoming them. Evolution is expanding upon your gameplay in a meaningful way. Adding sprint and turning into a glorified COD in space isn't that.

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Dread3238d ago Show
telekineticmantis3238d ago

Cant see the clips for some reason, but ill go off my references. Like I always say to fanboys, you want other people to play your game, you gotta get with the times. When I played Halo 3 it was virtually unplayable, and I loved Halo 2, but I got so used to the immersive controls of the modern day shooter, Halo seemed so dated. Plus, players with swords were already gods anyway, they should penalize them, not everyone else.

Gamer7773238d ago ShowReplies(8)
HOLDERofFOOD3238d ago

I agree personally. The problem is when games have sprinting you have to make the maps larger, but when a player is sprinting they can't actively participate in combat. So you're spending a lot of time just going from A to B without any other options. If you remove sprinting you make the maps a bit smaller, but then the player is always engaged and prepared for combat. Sprinting works in games like CoD, but it's frustrating that Bungie added it in the first place to Halo Reach. It should never have been part of Halo to begin with, every Halo with it has generally been perceived as having inferior multiplayer to Halo 2/3. Why keep it? Very frustrating.

mediate-this3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Halo maps are massive. Even halo 1 maps are huge, sprinting is not a game breaker. I actually think if halo 5 does not have sprinting it will fail for M.P.

I truly believe destiny M.P is the evolution of halo gameplay. Bungie made it so good with the powers, the sprint to slide and super tight controls.

Sprinting brings a different tactic to the m.p, it surely doesn't break it. No way is halo having sprinting going to make anything like cod at all

HOLDERofFOOD3238d ago


I don't think Halo 1 is really a fair example, Halo 1 was made during a very different time for console games and there wasn't even online. I don't think sprinting is "the evolution" so much as it was just taking a pointer from another successful franchise. In my opinion it was a pointer that was never needed and in fact detracts from parts of what made Halo multiplayer awesome. I personally think sprinting almost makes the game feel more ADD and less tactical. It's okay to move for three seconds and not feel super fast or run into anybody. Sprinting also makes it way easier to just turn and run from a fight you're losing. If the person fighting you wants to chase you, he can't shoot, if he wants to shoot, he can't chase you. This works in CoD because you're dead in .5 seconds anyway. But in Halo you can have real fights and don't die in less than a second, so it's lame how often people can just run away like that. You can always run away I mean, but sprinting makes it so much easier so it's not really cool if you pull it off.

ReturnToSanity3238d ago

How the hell is sprint going to ruin it? Sprint was in Reach as an ability and it was standard in 4. What has changed in 5 with Sprint that wasn't in 4?
You never played Halo have you?

Stiffler3238d ago

No, he hasn't. He clearly has never liked any Halo either and that's why he's evidently so narrow-minded.

Ignore -Foxtrot, he's a troll that will stop at nothing to defame ANY MS AAA game.

It's great to be a non biased gamer. Leave the bickering to the immature fanboys that cannot think for themselves ;)

pompombrum3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Sprint was a core mechanic in Halo Reach and 4 true and between both of those games, they all but destroyed the halo community. Halo 3 maintained a health population all the way leading into Halo Reach's release, neither Reach nor 4 maintained anywhere near those sort of figures a year after their respective releases. To accuse someone of never playing a halo game while referring to Reach and 4 for features is pretty laughable tbh.. there is a reason 343 are quick to put any speculation to rest when linking mp features between halo 5 and reach/4

Gamer7773238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

People overreact to everything. Dev changes part of game people rage. Dev keeps the game the same people are like "this series needs to change or die".

I found nothing wrong with Halo 4 having sprint. You could use sprint to escape attackers or avoid damage and catch people trying to get away. You could also be punished for sprinting too much and leaving yourself open for attack.

dasbeer883238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Remember there is a white-line difference between Halo 3 and Halo 4. Halo 4 wasn't supposed to be Halo 3.5 by adding slightly new elements here and there, but rather change or otherwise revamp the multiplayer and campaign in various different ways.

That I'll give 343i a 1+ point.

However since these changes like sprint, ADS, and killstreaks did more harm than good toward the multiplayer, I expect them to take the conservative route like following Halo and Halo 2.

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16bitNutritionist3238d ago

I personally loved Halo 4 Single and Multiplayer and I've been with Halo from the start...the series needs to evolve to stay fresh...I loved every change and the grapics 343i can produce is astounding...

mediate-this3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Dude. You're not even buying the game let alone have a xb1, how does this ruin anything for you?

This is the thing bucko, you don't know how it's going to be till you play it. Halo gameplay is always crisp and a sprint button does not make a scrub tactic.

Play beta first. Get a xb1 to play the beta then you can talk. And aren't you a sp only type guy anyways?

mhunterjr3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Sprinting is hardly a get out of jail free card. You are completely sacrificing your ability to counter many ways, it opens you up to more damage...

Also, looking at the rest of the leaked footage, the normal move speed is no slower than its ever been. It actually looks faster.

The balance with melee weapons is TBD. But they weren't God weapons in halo4, because there was a recoil when coming out of a Sprint.

If the remade maps, are remade with Sprint in mind, then they aren't ruined...

I'm glad to learn that the scope/zoom system is more an aesthetic change than a convergence with COD. De-scoping is back, and hip-fire is still as useful as its always been...

Much of the worry has been unfounded...we need to just let them reveal this properly

spicelicka3238d ago

While I agree with most of what you're saying, I thought halo 4 was amazing. It did a lot of things wrong but I had a shit ton of fun with that game.

And you don't have to respond to fanboys being mad, don't pay them any attention.

Sonital3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Given the context of the situation and the response from 343, that first comment GIF on the Dualshockers article absolutely cracked me up!

jrshankill3238d ago

Here is a thought..

Classic mode. Turn it off and it will remove the things you are crying about.

Problem solved.

Illusive_Man3238d ago

Spartans run 50 mph.Halo 1-3 are simply too slow for me after spending hours with Reach and Halo 4. There are ways to still overpower a running player. Good headshot or well placed grenade can still take out most runners.

Serious question are the people complaining about non issues like sprint any good at Halo ? I mean seriously there are way more important issues such as weapon balancing and map layout.

gangsta_red3237d ago

Except you never played Halo 4, because the multiplayer was amazing.

But then again what can we all expect from someone who thought ADS was in the game and automatically declared Halo 5 a wrap after watching only 6 seconds of leaked, blurry gameplay?

High level trolling at it's finest as this guy spams every Halo article and gets away with it. I can understand if gameplay was shown, reviews were out, gamers had played the game but none of that is here.

You know like The Order or Driveclub where people actually played the game and gameplay is on the web. But for some reason we get told to wait and see and stop judging when it comes to those games...

I wonder why...?

How the hell is sprint going to ruin a game? I mean you were already proven wrong about ADS so now you have to continue the high level trolling by complaining about sprint.

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annoyedgamer3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

After Halo 4 killstreaks, vehicle nerfs and camping I have 0 faith. 343 will have to prove themselves all over again and they are already off to a bad start.

aviator1893238d ago

well, armor abilities, perks, ordinances are all out. and it's equal starts as well.
already sounds like a great start to me.

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Halo2ODST23238d ago

Hopefully they will not mess halo up a second time