Video Games - a Waste of Time?

The author asks - How many hours of your life have you spent playing games? Was all that time wasted?

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Snookies121529d ago

How many hours of our lives are spent watching TV or movies? If you enjoy something, it's not wasted time.

GarrusVakarian1529d ago

"If you enjoy something, it's not wasted time."


XBLSkull1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Nah some are a waste of time. Got 100% on Assassins Creed 4, not worth it, realized once I did it and felt no sense of accomplishment that it was a waste of time. Also, Killzone 2 and Shadowfall, waste of time. Watching Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4's cutscenes, waste of time. 100%'ing the new Tomb Raider, waste of time.

So, sometimes yes, video games are a waste of time.

Oh yeah and can't leave out FTP, waste of time.

GarrusVakarian1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


I don't think you understand. When you *enjoy* something, it's not a waste of your time. You sound like you *didn't enjoy* doing those things, so of course you felt like you wasted your time.

And this article is talking about videogames in general, not specific parts of specific games.

Overwhelming1529d ago

It's not that linear. You might enjoy something in the short term, but be hurting yourslef in the long term. An extreme example is drugs.
Another example, is the series Lost. We all enjoyed it. But that ending, made many people feel like it was all a waste of time. But this one is debatable.
The point is: even if you enjoy something, it can be a waste of time. You could be doing things better for your health (physical, mental, social) and happiness.

Nathan1701529d ago

Reading articles like this is a waste of time!
Move on people,nothing to see here!

NarooN1529d ago

I came to post the exact same thing lol. If you're having fun, it's not a waste of time. Life is too short to be butthurt about stuff all the time.

Kingdomcome2471529d ago

The same could be said about any hobby that isn't either providing knowledge, health improvements, etc... as others stated everyone needs down time, and video games are no less viable an option than the next hobby.

Snookies121528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Some TV, movies, games, etc. provide knowledge and can genuinely change the way you think about something. Some games/shows have really made me reflect deeply about myself and the way I view things. So, something can be entertaining and beneficial to you all at once. You just have to find the right way to utilize your hobby/hobbies.

Kingdomcome2471528d ago

I absolutely agree. There are a plethora of things, that are both constructive and entertaining. I just mean to say that if it is something you're doing strictly for entertainment, video-games are no more, or less a waste of time than say reading a goofy book with no substance. I definitely agree that pleasure, and constructive activities aren't mutually exclusive ideas. If you can find something that provides both, then even better. I've played many a game that provoked deep thought, and self-examination.

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ArchangelMike1529d ago

People have hobbies, so that can relax, escape the stesses of life and immerse themselves in something they enjoy.

This is not wasted time, but is essential to a balanced and healthy mental state.

Can people over indulge in their hobbies at the expense of more productive endeavors? Sure. But it doesn't make having a hobby 'a waste of time'.

urwifeminder1529d ago

Love them time wasters what else am I going to do strive for world peace. Have eased up a lot since my daughter arrived though .

Harold_Finch1529d ago

Click-bait, just leave it.

SegaGamer1529d ago

The article is actually telling people that gaming isn't anymore a waste of time than other forms of entertainment.

madjedi1528d ago


Then they shouldn't use such a piss poor title, if they wanted anyone to read it.

Elwenil1529d ago

Unfortunately some games are a waste of time and money.

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