Master Chief mask made from Lebron XI EXT “King’s Crown” sneakers and Astro A50

During Halo Master Chief Collection launch invitation eSport event a short interview was conducted with Gary Lockwood who for the past few years has been creating amazing masks from various materials. Up until now Gary has made masks that belong to villains, for the first time he decided to make a heroes mask, who better to start with than the Xbox flag carrier the Master Chief. Featured in this helmet is a fully functional set of the new Astro A50 Halo editions.

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Xristianous1533d ago

That guy has made some sick masks!

XBLSkull1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Not familiar with any of his work, but wearing shoes on you head and face is in no way cool, this master chief mask is super lame. Barely resembles the chiefs helmet, looks like a motocross helmet with shoes hot glued onto it. I prefer shoes on my feet.

I'm a huge Halo fan but I gotta call it as it is. Just because you are trying to associate something with Halo doesn't make it cool. When are you going to use this? You took 2 useful products, shoes and A50's, and made them into a useless helmet that no one would ever wear.

Something tells me

A. This guy never went to college
B. This guy voted for Obama

IWentBrokeForGaming1533d ago

Freehand Prophet is the s#!t... As a sneaker collector I've been supporting him for years now! Amazing artist who makes sick sneaker products!