Halo 5: Locke to be primary character, ADS to be the norm and e-Sports focus

GearNuke: "We just found out through a leaked 6 second footage that guns in Halo 5: Guardians will be able to aim down sights. Now the very trusted insider shinobi602 has come out with some information that looks to be game changing for the Halo franchise"

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gamer11381529d ago

Funny how he leaks this now. Why not before this footage came out?

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DarthZoolu1528d ago

Funny how this is all completely incorrect.

aviator1891529d ago

Damn. That footage looks gorgeous, even if it was recorded in a barn. :p

Outthink_The_Room1529d ago

LoL....I have no idea why I legitimately laughed at the barn thing, but I did. That truly was random as hell.

FriedGoat1528d ago

He's referrencing the halo 4 leak, that actually was recorded in a barn.

Neixus1529d ago


In another leaked video he did ADS.
What is your point exactly? To prove that there is no ADS in Halo 5? You keep posting that same comment on other articles aswell, stop the mayor fanboy defensive stance lol.

On the other side, it's good that ADS won't have any pros over hip firing.

gamer11381529d ago

In another video they ADS'd on the battle rifle using a scope. BRs have always had a form of ADS in the scope attachment. The leaked videos above seem to imply you can be just as effective without ADS on the Assault rile, if it even lets you ADS.

Think it's harsh of you to have a go at the guy above for posting something positive about this when everyone else seems to be losing their minds! lol

Elit3Nick1529d ago

One of the devs actually confirmed that ADS has no effect on accuracy or movement speed

shloobmm31529d ago

It doesn't get more Halo than that 3rd video. Don't understand what the complaining is about.

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-Foxtrot1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Why have Locke as a main character, it doesn't make any sense

It's a numbered Halo game, this is the Master Chiefs story. After how disappointing Halo Nightfall pilot apparently is why not just focus on Chief.

I'm sorry but I don't want to spend all my time as Locke. I could easily see myself getting annoyed and wanting to get back to playing as the Chief while playing Locke.

"It was just described to me similarly to the ratio you’d find in MGS2 for example."

So not a lot then :|

". He also reiterated that all the negative reaction might change things, Microsoft’s playing it very safe and there’s still ‘plenty of time’ "

If you expect some form of negative reaction from the community why bother wasting your time adding it at all. People want the game to be like Halo, old school style. We have games like COD or Battlefield (including a lot more copy cats) why can't Halo break the mould and go back to what things used to be like.

I'm scared NaughtyDog are going to do the same with Uncharted 3. They added so many gimmicks in the third game and even a sprint button which ended up taking a step back. Less is more remember.


With all the characters in Halo 4 being pretty uninteresting apart from the Chief, this is why Cortana has to return, she was the best, most interesting character the series had.

Dudebro901529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Lets completely over react a year before the game even ships.

Seriously, gamers like you are becoming so freaking annoying. All you do is complain and complain no matter what a company does.

Your double standards don't help anyone.

Gamer7771528d ago

He has no interest in playing the game.

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Lenrulesdaworld1529d ago

Halo 4 had the most indepth story of any halo and the characters where on point. MP not so much as I didnt like ordance drops or the power perks. Besides that the games was awesome. Smh

FriedGoat1528d ago

Halo 4 was a big step backwards.

Evil British Villain - check
Terrible music that doesn't feel like halo - check
QTEs pulled straight outta COD - check

I'm really hoping they take halo back to its roots with H5.

Lenrulesdaworld1528d ago

@friedgoat I disagree completely, qte's aren't something CoD created so no. The voice actor of the main villain was british so thats a fail? Where is the logic in that. Music was fine, wasn't classic but wasn't terrible.

DogtagDuke19921528d ago

Halo 4 did not have a very in depth story at all. First and foremost, they broke lore by adding the "past battle between humans and the forerunners". This was mentioned in a book, sure, but Bungie's lore never intended that ridiculous history. The Didact was a disappointment, for you only see him in like 2 cutscenes outside of his stupid looking sphere fortress. The game under utilized the amazing potential that a forerunner world such as Requiem could have had. I wanted it to feel like Halo CE when you land on the halo for the first time and you are like "WOAH. WHERE AM I". I didn't get that feeling with Requiem, its sorta just there. Also, the game set up an amazing story arch, which was finding Halsey to save Cortana, but after its mentioned in the beginning of the game, its never pursued after that. The idea behind the prometheans and how they are ancient humans dissolved by the composer and reanimated into fucked up looking things....super corny and too scifi. Its not grounded in reality. Same goes for when you meet the librarian and she somehow just goes "boom, you evolve now", and somehow the Chief just "evolves" or some shit. The game ignored Lorde Hood, the Arbiter, and Halsey. It was definitely she shortest Halo game to date (on par with ODST). The vehicle segments were limited and bland as well. Also, the ending was excrutiatingly bad. The ship flying part at the beginning of the last mission....LOL. The run for the Didact as he just sits there floating in mid air...LOL. The really cheesy fight were cortana somehow animates into 3d representations of herself and attacks him...LOLOLOLOL. That doesnt make any sense. Bungie sucks now, but they knew what they were doing with Halo. 343 ruined it, and from what I have seen with Halo 5, they are continuing that trend. The reason the Arbiter worked in Halo 2 was because he was from the other side of the war. He was on the Covenant side and was used as a story tool to help elaborate on the Covenant side of things- a side we were all interested in seeing. I dont care about Locke. I assume he was hired by ONI to hunt Chief because Chief is protecting Halsey from ONI because Halsey ISNT THE INSANE BITCH THAT 343 HAS MADE HER OUT TO BE. She is like a mother to the Spartan 2's like Chief. So yeah, I assume Chief is getting hunted by Locke because he is protecting or at least searching for Halsey. He wants her to get Cortana to come back. We can also assume that the Arbiter is only going to have a cameo in Halo 5 as Locke asks him for help in finding Chief. Im sorry, but if any other spartan challenged Chief, they would have their ass raped, repackaged, and shipped home before they even knew what had happened, and by the look of the E3 2013 Halo 5 trailer, the Chief was walking through the desert, with a cracked visor...this visor crack was probably from Locke...meaning they are gonna make Locke some super spartan. That makes no sense. ALL SPECULATION, OF COURSE. I HOPE THE GAME ROCKS, BUT IM NOT OPTIMISTIC, CUZ HALO 4 BLEW.

Lenrulesdaworld1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

1st foremost bringing the books and history of the forerunners and prometheans was the smartest thing to do. Becuase you defeat the covenant but not the flood. Which is what future games will focus on, finding cortana, halsey, the forerunners and defeating the flood once and for all is the next step that should be taken in the trilogy.

The entire story is fleshed out through the game and terninal findings seen on halo way point. What the librarian was explaining was that chief is the closest human to becoming a promethean again. Being that the prometheans/humans at the time were the most powerful race in the galaxy until the flood started whipping them out. Then finally losing to the forerunners and them becoming organic/inorganic to fight the flood parasite.

This is all told in 4 and how the forerunners become who they are, why the librarian is who she is and why chief is evolving. By the way she just help speed the process, she didn't make him evolve he was already doing that as a spartan.
I won't go on a rant any longer but we just have different opinions on the game and I guess we saw two different stories. I'll leave it at that and hope 5 continues from there and brings in the rest of the universe as well as add new characters and aliens. As they trying expand beyond the covenant & unsc war.

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Ghost_Nappa1529d ago

Did you miss the part where 343 already said that the Chief is still the main character? And that Locke in Halo 5 is similar to the Arbiter in halo2?

shloobmm31529d ago

Arbiter was a main character is Halo 2 and you didn't spend all of your time playing as him. Stop whining.

-Foxtrot1529d ago

"Stop whining"

Stop whining about someone else "whining"


Stiffler1529d ago

-Foxtrot has gone on a trolling steak, seriously wtf.

Complaint after complaint after complaint if it's anything Halo or MS.

Praise after praise after praise if it's hit Sony masters.

Some people evidently don't have the thinking power to be happy for everyone no matter the console or platform.

True gamers are happy gamers that don't nitpick and whine on EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE.

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spicelicka1529d ago

It actually does make a lot of sense, it makes the story more interesting.
Firstly, only the first episode of nightfall is considered bad, it doesn't say anythig about the show. It doesn't mean halo 5 will have a bad story, its written by a different person I believe.

Secondly, and most important, it adds mission variety. How many places could the chief be at once? We've been playing and going through his journey since halo 1. They can't stick him in every scenario, it would be way too forced. This way we get to see multiple perspectives from different characters, that's why i liked halo 2s story the best. Chief is a great character yes, but not everything is about him, and his interaction with Locke and arbiter would be really interesting.

Plus we all know, at this point chiefs life is a little lonely and boring, so to speak. He doesn't wanna be involved with ONI, and is likely on his own mission. I don't wanna play lonely missions all through the game. This insures a good mixture of lone wolf chief missions, and more intense large battles with Locke and UNSC.

KingWookiee1529d ago

I agree with everything you said. I think it would be really interesting to be able to play as the person hunting down Master Chief.

Septic1529d ago

Your concern trolling in every Halo related article is getting annoying and is really kinda sad. Here's a idea. Instead of going on a rampage with your rants and shedding crocodile tears in every Halo 5 thread, maybe you can wait till we get some better footage or hands on with the beta?

Seriously, are you always this angry or irritated? You are hardly ever positive about anything on here, especially anything xbox related. Maybe it's the way you type but you just come across as unbearably whiny.

Concertoine1529d ago

Exactly. Everyone needs to wait and see how the game plays, and if it really doesn't feel as good then 343 WILL listen and make adjustments. All i can really recommend is for people to voice any criticism they have to make the game as best as can be.

And he is, unfortunately. He constantly has knee-jerk reactions and assumes things. I'm really surprised by his bubbles, frankly.

deepio1528d ago

I still have faith, and besides its a beta. No normal beta either, a full year from release with the whole point being changes can be made. Haven't 343i been consulting a lot of pro Halo players for Halo 5 as well? Surely they would give a better indication of how to keep this game more "halo" than any of us.

At the end of the day there's no point just making Halo 5 MP into an 'upgraded' Halo 2 MP, we already have MCC for that. Halo 5 MP has to move forward. There has to be a fine balance, but it has to move forward nonetheless.

Imalwaysright1528d ago

Don't pay attention to him. He is a professional drama queen and N4g very own negative nancy. I remember him crying about how concerned he was about Uncharted 4 having a darker tone in every damn Uncharted related article. Mind you, this was before the E3 footage. He had never seen the game in motion before and knew nothing about it. All he knew was that ND was making a new Uncharted game.

What you said to him, was the same exact thing I told him then: just wait until you find out more about the game. Of course that it was nothing for him to be "concerned" about and was all in his head.

Halo 5 is just his new project. Watch as he goes into every Halo 5 related article to cry and moan about a 6 seconds footage. Better not to pay attention to him and not feed the troll.

-Foxtrot1528d ago

Every Halo 5 thread....I mean REALLY

There has been 3 articles....THREE

It's different if it's 10, plus it's not like I'm saying

"Halo 5 is a shit game"

Jesus Christ man, all those Xbox games I've enjoyed and wrote about in the past. Halo 3, Alan Wake, Gears of War, Fable...yet you guys totally ignore them and think I hate them just because I got ticked off, like everyone else, with what MS did last year.

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4Sh0w1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Im sure Halo fans are rightfully concerned but for the most part most folks who I know in the past speak highly of Halo are calm with a wait and see attitude while it's so funny to see so many folks who troll xbox articles are freaking out about Halo changing.

Lol, there's a beta that all Halo fans will get to play and judge for themselves soon enough.

Darrius Cole1528d ago

I don't follow Foxtront enough to know whether he is personally exercising a double standard in regards to Halo 5.

However, I do know that what he is saying about changing the main character of a game is consistent with normal fan reaction to changes.

Fans never like it when their main protagonist is changed. Frankly, I think it is an unnecessary risk on the part of 343. People's attitude will be more negative towards the game simply because the Master Chief is not the main playable character.

There is a reason why the Arbiter never came back as a playable character. There is a reason why Raiden never came back as a playable character. Sometimes changing characters works like with Ezio with AC, but then, Desmond was never as big or as like as the MC. Furthermore, the other AC characters besides Ezio have been one and done.

At this point as a fan of the series, I don't like it. ADS is fine, but I don't like changing away from the Master Chief. It seems like too much risk with too little possibility of reward.

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aviator1891529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

"No penalty to hip fire in H5, no movement penalty when scoping/zooming, no flinch."

Josh Holmes just confirmed it isn't a conventional call of duty People just like to jump to conclusions, unfortunately. It's just a re-skinned old-school Halo scopes. No functional changes, just aesthetics, so that should ease people a bit.

christocolus1529d ago

Thanks for that. I stated the same thing in the previous article. People need to be patient.

BX811529d ago

Ummm ok... I welcome change from the norm, just not a lot.

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